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April 29th - This Saturday - Make our streets political

Liverpool Social Forum | 27.04.2006 13:20 | Free Spaces | Liverpool

As part of this year's May Day celebrations, the Liverpool Social Forum is organising a day to reclaim the streets of Liverpool as a political space.

The event will run as follows:

Saturday April 29th -

11:00: teach-in on legal aspects of protest, leafletting etc, in the top room of the Crown pub, next to Lime Street station.
12:30: Assemble outside of St Georges hall (Lime Street side) to move to a city centre location for the tabling event itself.

You can contact me on the day or before on 07929116849, if you need more details.

Please pass this on to any group or individual you think might be
interested. The more people we get the better this will be.


(original call out)

Anyone who's ever set up a stall or leafletted in Liverpool city centre for any political cause will know that this is not exactly looked upon kindly by the authorities. Animal rights stalls frequently face harrassment, leafleters are asked to stop and threatened with fines on a basis of a byelaw that doesn't apply to them and constantly we're being asked to 'move on'.

As part of this year's May Day celebrations the social forum is
suggesting that we should take our streets back for political
expression. On Saturday April 29th, the Saturday before May Day, we're encouraging every group that looks to engage with the public to come out at the same time, in the same place to set out our stalls together. If we all express ourselves simultaneously we can take back the streets from the advertisers and the corporations and present our alternatives.

We invite green groups, animal rights groups, tenant's associations, socialist groups, single issue groups like Defy-ID or Defend Council Housing, anti-deportation campaigns, anti-demolition/regeneration campaigns, anti-stock transfer campaigns - anyone who has something to say and very few places to say it. If we all come out together, we can
take the streets back for free expression and assert our right to say
what we want, when we want to.

To make this happen, the social forum is organising a meeting on the morning of the 29th which will have speakers on the legalities of all this and which will arrange the practicalities. Details to follow.

The more people come, the more we'll be able to do - please spread the word about this.

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