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Library Street London- The Break is Nearly Over, Big Things for the New Year

Library Street London | 29.12.2012 01:36 | Free Spaces | London

A quick piece on news of upcoming things at the library street social centre...

As some of you might have noticed, we’ve been on a kind of informal break over the Holiday period, with many of our crew all over the place and not at base as well as the fact that demand for events etc has been low over the last couple of weeks!!! We didn’t even have our regular Peoples Kitchen this Thursday, though a delicious Chistmas Dinner was enjoyed by many of our crew at the Fantastic House of Brag (London Queer Social Centre) who have recently opened a brilliant new space five minutes from our own front door- we look forward to working with them more next year.

Anyway from the 3rd of January, we’ll be live and back in the Game kicking off the New year with our regular Peoples Kitchen followed by some form of mystery entertainment yet to be announced…. We’d like to see all the faces who attended our kitchen last year plus more, so hype this one amongst your friends and we’ll bring in the New Year in Style (no excuses, there is plenty of time to recover from New Years Hang Over, and unlike the beer this won’t cost you a penny).

The regular Political Theater Group will also be back as of Sunday 6th so come down if you’d like to get involved with the fantastic combination of some drama and politics….

Following in the Vein of our recently successful benefit nights and Cafes, we are proud to announce we will be holding a fund raiser for Calais Migrant Solidarity aiming to raise money to send a van over in mid January filled with Clothes and Sleeping Bags, Food Stuffs, and Activists to help with the important work there. We have not yet confirmed a date for this event but we would like all attendees to bring donations of unwanted clothes/sleeping bags and money for food/cake/coffee (all proceeds towards paying van costs). There will be food, discussion, and probably music!!!

The New Year is sure to bring lots of new and exciting ideas too; and many of us are thinking about new events and projects that we might like to start (ideas include a climbing and abseiling workshop, Open Mic Night, and more arts events) so keep your eyes peeled…. We are also looking for lots of new friends and visitors in the coming year, so if you would like to get involved or put on an event then please get in touch!!!!!

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