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Pink Castles in Dorest GM test site

William Posters | 25.04.2002 15:29 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Health | Technology

Pink castles appears in GM test site in Dorset.
Occupation set to disrupt plans to plant.

Pink Castles in Dorest GM test site
Pink Castles in Dorest GM test site

SchNEWS RELEASE - 2002 April 25th

Erections against GMOs

In the last year of the widely criticised farm scale trials of GM crops which 77% of the electorate said they wanted banned, new heights are being scaled in a last ditch attempt to defend the land from biotechs’ mutant maize and marauding rape.

Dorset Land baron Charles Foot woke Thursday to find the local peasantry revolting. Foot soldiers reported that dozens of people and a large white horse had mobilised by the light of the moon and were now resident in a pink castle on one of the two GM sites that besiege the Littlemoor estate near Weymouth. The castles residents say they intend to stay long enough to prevent Aventis controversial GM maize from being planted this year.

It’s no folly

The pink fortification stands guard over the entrance of the field in which the mutant remains of last years GM maize crop can still be found. The 25th was the first day Charles Foot could have planted the maize and he cannot legally plant it elsewhere without going through another six week public notification period - by which time it should be too late to successfully plant maize.

The castles residents welcome support. Contact the site mobiles on 07815 925214 or 07733 133280
or check out for information about how to get there etc.

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