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Liverpool Social Centre don't think that the BNP matter

@nnoyed | 19.04.2010 01:17 | Anti-racism | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Some members of the Liverpol Social Forum/Liverpool Social Centre don't think that the BNP are very important, or a threat to our communities.

Who gives a fuck about the BNP? Apparently not the social centre, dub comes first.

Quote from one of them:
"I would have been cool with the sat, the only problem raised with that was the anit-fascist gig but there's one of them every month and it's not a massive thing, it's in the pilgrim and will be busy anyway I'm sure. Also who gives a f*ck about the bnp? not me, they'll like kids who just want attention. dub and coal mines come first in my book"

So a benefit is already running, and they purposely clash with it, because in their opinion dub is more important than stopping the very real threat in our communities?

Good going, great way to build unity. Great way to let the community down. Great way to negatively impact the fund-raising efforts of both the anti-fascist campaign and the very one you are supposed to be supporting. Great way to lose support.



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