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Emergency Callout - Bristol Eco Village Facing ILLEGAL Eviction Tomorrow Morning

Jigsaw | 20.04.2010 16:15 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

There will be an illegal eviction attempt on the Bristol Eco Village tomorrow morning at about 11, just 5 days after site was set up. This will be resisted. We need as many people as possible down there to witness the illegal attempt and help resist. For practical reasons there must be no violence or even abusive behaviour.

They've screwed it up massively so IT IS ILLEGAL. Because of this there are massively powerful legal channels to go through - all of which are compromised considerably if there is any violence or even abusive behaviour (including yelling at bailiffs). Please please as a special request from the villagers DO NOT BE VIOLENT OR ABUSIVE as this may compromise the legal situation which could well save the village. Passive resistance is warmly encouraged. Please understand this is not an ideological attack upon violence, this is a practical reaction to the situation we are in.

Eviction is scheduled for 11 but it's always a good idea to get down there long before the given time. Location BS2 9SH:>=1