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DIY Aye! Newcastle's Radical Festival returns

DIY'er | 09.04.2010 14:59 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

DIY Aye! is taking place again this year at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Byker, Newcastle on May 1st and 2nd.

2010 Poster
2010 Poster

After the success of last years festival, DIY Aye! returns to the Star and Shadow cinema this year for another weekend of workshops, talks, music, films, discussions and more all based on the anarchist ethos of Do It Yourself!

With events happening on bookbinding to screenprinting, squatting to workers rights it should be a great weekend. This year we also have a number of events being organised by the local IWW to celebrate International Workers Day.

With plans afoot for a city centre game of capture the flag, as well as a critical mass, theres going to be plenty of things happening.

Keep checking the website for more details!

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