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Bristol Eco Village - the Urban Centre for Alternative Technology.

Bits of Wood | 24.03.2010 13:12 | Free Spaces

Within the next few months, an Urban Eco Village will be setup in Bristol. Have you got the courage to move off-grid and help make it a monumental success? It doesn't matter if you have no skills or experience - this time last year I didn't.

The Bristol Eco Village is an Urban Center for Alternative Technology. It will be an experiment in sustainable urban living. We aim to directly research methods of sustainable off-grid living within the confines of the concrete jungle.

Urban Eco Villages seek to achieve full integration with the surrounding community: how are we supposed to show them that another world is possible if all we cause them is agro?

If the community isn't onside, then the project wont last. This is the number one reason why Bristol Eco Village will operate a strict 'No Drink, No Drugs!' policy.

The Bristol Eco Village project claims lineage with the Civil War Diggers movement. We see ourselves as 21st Century Diggers, peacefully campaigning for access to the land from a contemporary perspective.

"We come in peace they said
To dig and sow
We come to work the lands in common
And to make the waste ground grow
This earth divided
We will make whole
So it will be
A common treasury for all

We work we eat together
We need no swords
We will not bow to the masters
Or pay rent to the lords
Still we are free
Though we are poor
You Diggers all stand up for glory
Stand up now!"

- World Turned Upside Down, Leon Rosselson

We need as much help as possible to make this venture a resounding success. The village operates under freeconomic principles, so all donations of materials or manual labor will be warmly welcomed.

But most of all, what we need is people like YOU to come and live with us. The communal aspect of Eco Villages can't be described adequately with words, it must be experienced to be fully understood. Trust me, its one of the most mind-blowing experiences around!

Checkout our 'Bristol Eco Village' Facebook group, or e-mail us at '' for more info.

Now, more than ever, we must all BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE.

Bits of Wood
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- Homepage:!/group.php?gid=253300212260&ref=ts


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