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Black Wood Solidarity Camp handed eviction papers

Black Wood Solidarity Camp | 25.03.2010 18:19 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces

This morning a sheriff officer from Dunfermline Sheriff Court handed the newly-established Black Wood Solidarity Camp its eviction summons, with notice to appear in court on Monday morning. Despite not making an appearance yet at the site, it is believed that UK Coal representatives met with Fife police on Monday to discuss how to deal with the occupation.

UK Coal has been very quick to begin court proceedings against the camp and once again, as was the case with the Mainshill Solidarity Camp, the occupiers have been given very little time to respond.

As well as rushing court proceedings, it is also thought that UK Coal rushed in its contractors dealing with the re-location of Great Crested Newts, a European Protected Specie, the day after the site was occupied. As part of the conditions for planning consent the newt population on site was supposed to have been moved before work began. However, on Monday afternoon a convoy of contractors arrived and appeared to start this work.

In addition, an ecologist has been surveying the site this week and told the camp that the work to move the newts was behind schedule. Once again, as was the case in Mainshill, ecological surveys and work relating to surveying the presence of nesting birds, bats and other species, is being carried out after felling and the destruction of the sites ecosystems has begun. All of this highlights the fact that councils and mining companies are merely paying lip-service to fulfilling the legal requirements in dealing with protected species and fragile ecology, and how employees of environmental consultants such as RPS are nothing more than ecological box-tickers for the mining companies.

Supporters and local residents have continued to visit the camp and defences are being strengthened in anticipation of the inevitable granting of the eviction order on Monday. Come to the Black Wood Solidarity Camp and stop UK Coal trashing this site, the climate and community health!

Black Wood Solidarity Camp
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