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Police raid eco-protest camp

worthing calling | 16.08.2009 13:10 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Repression | South Coast

POLICE bullies have invaded Camp Titnore near Worthing and intimidated the protesters, who have been peacefully occupying the threatened Durrington woodland since 2006.

Coming just a few weeks after Tesco got permission for its disgusting new abomination on neighbouring fields, it is feared this heralds an all-out attack on the camp by the usual unholy alliance of profiteering capitalist scum, corrupt local authorities and the taxpayer-funded thugs-in-blue.

Strong rumours are circulating that Worthing Borough Council planners are to meet very soon to give the final go-ahead for the 875-home housing development at Titnore Woods and that the camp will be cleared by force before work starts, possibly as soon as October.

The campers are appealing for all those who have supported them during their three-year marathon protest to make the effort to come and visit them now - before it is too late - and show the authorities that they cannot mistreat them with impunity as they enjoy public backing.

If people can go and stay at the camp for any amount of time, no matter how small, that would obviously be even better.

The latest police raid on the camp came under the the pretence of a "health and safety check". Up to 18 tooled-up ‘officers’ intimidated the environmentalists with video cameras, as they were in-terror-gated. This included a young woman with a 4-year-old child who was visiting friends at the camp. The police then search and video’d all areas of the camp despite being told to leave the campers' home.

Clearly even after all the criticism of the police by government ministers following their behaviour in London in April they are still out of control.

The campers now expect more harassment in order to get them to give up and leave.

Warning of a possible move to give the housing development the OK imminently, campaign group Protect Our Woodland! says: "A lot has to be done in a very short time. First please could you sign the petition at: and ask all in your address book to do the same. Next it is still very important to send an e-mail of objection to the council, please find all the details at then if you've still got the energy write to the papers.

"Yes we know there's been very little reporting in the local papers - except for the Tesco part of the development - that's because editors get fed up with the same old suspects writing in endlessly. So let's see if a new hand will get results. All the details are on the website."

Meanwhile the campaigning Durrington and Northbrook Times reports that work on the massive new Tesco Extra will start tomorrow, Monday August 17, with residents' concerns bulldozed out of the path of the monster that they like to call progress.

It reported in a special email bulletin:

"At a public meeting in the Durrington Community centre, Robert Curtis Project Manager for builders Kier revealed that although disturbance to local residents would be kept to a minimum there would be some inconvenience.

"He admitted to a stunned audience, that one maximum weight multi-wheeled truck would have to come through the existing Tesco car park every 7 minutes as negotiations had broken down with the owner of land north of Fulbeck Ave, previously earmarked. The route to the car park indicated on the handout was through residential roads such as New Road (From the Lamb) and Romany Road.

"It was further revealed that apart from rainwater harvesting NO other sustainable features are to be incorporated. Not even one solar panel.

"So there we are then, our council has allowed this mega rich conglomerate to build a shed that will be a blot on the landscape, create a traffic nightmare, destroy local residents right to breathe clean air and enjoy peace and quiet. Thank you councillors you will be remembered at election time.

"What a shame not one reporter from either the Worthing Herald or Argus felt it necessary to be present to report on this. However you can rely on The Durrington and Northbrook Times to report what’s going on to residents."

worthing calling


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