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The Tree House Gallery has landed in Regent''s Park!

The TreeHouse Gallery | 18.08.2009 09:00 | Culture | Ecology | Free Spaces

The TreeHouse Gallery is a collaborative project that is taking root in London's Regents Park throughout July and August, re-imagining one of the great outdoor public spaces of the city. The site, situated on the banks of the Boating Lake, will form an array of tree-top structures that will act as a catalyst to ignite the collective imagination, encouraging adults and children alike to explore a variety of creative responses to nature.

Spherical Reading Gallery
Spherical Reading Gallery

Spherical Reading Gallery
Spherical Reading Gallery

Both the aesthetics that inform The TreeHouse Gallery's construction and the community it gives voice to will grow from the surroundings of the parkland and the city's material and social fabric. Over the course of this two-month period the site will be host to a diverse programme of stimulating exhibitions, performances, workshops, spoken word events and debates, all of which explore the myriad possibilities found through local and creative solutions and forms of reflexive individual engagement with natural cycles.

The project will give both artists and participants a free and innovative platform in central London to actively engage with art, while in turn drawing a diverse mix of people and ideas to the park. In tune with the projects ethos and the surrounding environment, The TreeHouse Gallery will be built predominantly from naturally sourced materials and reclaimed city waste. All timber and building materials are being donated to the project and are guaranteed lightweight, un-pressure treated and free from chemicals that corrupt the soil.

The gallery will be fuelled by onsite renewable energy and transport will be kept to a minimum, where possible taking the form of bicycle and other alternative modes of transportation. Furthermore marketing materials and waste produced on site are being reused through specific art workshops and installations that reinvent the discarded. Also importantly this large-scale project will be entirely self-funded, self-sufficient and participation is free and open to all!

Preview Sunday 19th July 4 - 8pm
Public opening Monday 20th July 10am - 4pm and every day through to September

The TreeHouse Gallery


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