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Get Your Selves Down to Climate Camp

Climate Camper | 13.08.2009 17:04 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces

5.30pm Thursday

The site was taken on Wednesday.Kitchens, compost loos, wind and solar energy and kids spaces are all up and running; workshops are go and we’ll soon have a cinema. The sun’s been shining all day. Friendly locals!

We’re roughly the same distance from Ffos y Fran, the UK’s largest open-cast coal mine, as the nearest houses (36 metres!) - that’s so close the marquee pegs are hitting coal. Good to know, considering how much dust and air pollution is emitted by the mine, the coal from which will generate as much CO2 per year as the whole of Mozambique.

Come and join us for four days of sustainable living, education, movement building, and building the capacity for action.

See: for directions etc.

Climate Camper
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