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Sheffield Occupation Marches Against Austerity

the fargate speaker | 04.12.2010 17:25 | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements | Sheffield

Report from Sheffield on the weekend of action against austerity.

On Saturday 4th December a small (but determined!) group from the Sheffield Occupation, along with supporters, marched to the city centre to express their ongoing commitment to the fight against austerity cuts. Tax dodgers Vodafone and Topshop were targetted as part of the action with protesters blockading the entrance to both stores on Fargate and, as a result, the Vodafone store was forced to close. The general public expressed a lot of sympathy and support for out actions. We also used this opportunity to spread the message about a public rally to be held at the occupation space (the Richard Roberts Building) this Sunday.

The university’s posession order does not come into effect until Monday (6/12). In the meantime the space is still open and we welcome supporters (or just those curious to find out what it’s all about) to come join us.

Public Rally to support the Sheffield Occupation, Sunday 5th December, Richard Roberts Building.

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