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Sussex Uni occupied!

Sussex student | 08.03.2006 22:33 | Education | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | South Coast

Sussex University Library is under occupation by students

Over 100 students are as I type holding Sussex University Library open all night in protest against the continued corporatisation and degradation of this Universities standards. Workshops, film showings, a naked space and old fashioned reading (!) are being held.

The 'Learn-in' started at 9:30, when the library was due to shut, and will go on through the night.

More information and photos to follow.

The released manifesto reads as follows:

We are here because the standards at Sussex University re falling.
We believe that the recent cuts to the library epitomize the problems facing students at this university.
We believe that we are entitled to a high level of education and that large seminars and few resources, either academic or material, are not going to achieve this.
We regret that this action may inconvenience library staff and we stress that this action is in opposition to the library cutbacks and redundancies perpetrated by university senior management.
We demand more transparency from the university and that it calls an emergency council meeting, open to all students, during term.
We want to show the university the extent and level of discontent among students and we wish to show our complete support for the aims of the sortUSout campaign [the general campaign against the cuts at the Uni of Sussex], as well as the staff in all their industrial action.

Contact for all,
Books for all,
Housing for all,
Food for all,
Free education for all.

As Students we are turning our words into action;
As students we demand the university to do the same.

Education the world over is under attack through privatisation and corporatisation: prioritising profit over the right to free education. From Bogota to Paris, our struggle at Sussex University is global.

Sussex student


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