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Manchester Radical Theory Forum, March 9th

thinktivist | 02.03.2006 15:45 | Education | Free Spaces

The Manchester Radical Theory Forum has announced its next happening for Thursday, March 9th at 5pm. The venue is the Waterstone's bookstore on Deansgate (The Business Room).
People keep asking what participants are to expect: we don't know either, but the flyer text might give you an idea:

Reclaim corporate space!!!
The Radical Theory Forum invites you to join a happening/gathering/event on:


The ‘book’ is synonym for thought and theory – but written words have also inspired action and activism. Books have been banned and burned – and sometimes used as doorstoppers.

A book is never about something – it is always of something. It is part of this spectacle that we call our reality – it is a product of its own object. Then can a book inform action – or does action inform books?

So should we read/write or act? Can theory save the world? Maybe the best use for books is as kindling for bonfires…

The Radical Theory Forum

The Radical Theory Forum is neither theory nor practice. It lies at the intersection of a philosophy lecture and a direct action – some sort of ‘Reclaim The Streets’ party of ideas. It investigates the possibilities of ‘life despite capitalism’.

Capitalist logic informs the management of schools and universities; its ideology hijacks the classroom.

Activist spaces, social centers and squats – on the other hand – are hidden away in out-of-town warehouses or inner-city basements.

The Radical Theory Forum aims to escape both those limitations. It is an experiment in face-to-face informal exchange in spaces that are neither academic nor activist, but that can be transformed – if only for a short moment – into hotspots of radical ideas, revolutionary dreams and experiences of resistance.

ThURSDAY, March 9th
5:00 PM
Waterstone’s Bookstore
The business Room, 2nd floor