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Mayday proposal and meeting - Against the terrorism of everyday life

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Meeting to discuss what to do for this year's Mayday. 7pm Wednesday 8th March at the Square social centre, London, Russell Square.

Party & protest against the Terrorism of Everyday Life this Mayday

For the past two years Mayday in London has been a subdued affair, this isn't because we no longer felt the need to protest, quite the opposite in fact. The past few years has seen a bad situation turn even worse; from a repressive government introducing ever more authoritarian legislation, to a destructive foreign policy that has seen more than 100,000 Iraqis killed, whilst at home the divide between rich and poor gets ever wider.

To live under capitalism in 2006 is to be forced to confront the terrorism of everyday life; the boredom and frustration of working life, surviving on the dole, living in crap housing, and generally existing under precarious living circumstances. Everyday people are being harassed and subjugated by the state, from those coming to this country in the vain hope of escaping persecution to those who's freedom is taken away from them if they dare to try and stand up against this creeping authoritarianism. Existing under this corrupt system means no-one is ever truly free, living in perpetual fear of the wars that our country has engaged in, and the enemies that they've created.

In May 1886, workers in Chicago went on strike demanding an eight hour working day. They wanted to take back a part of their lives; in response, the State assassinated five of them. 120 years later the story is strikingly similar: obeying authority and allowing it to take control of our lives equals everyday misery and boredom, a living death. In the spirit of the Mayday Haymarket riots of 1886, we call for the destruction of all that seek to destroy life. This is our day to celebrate our future: the future without borders, without state, without war and without capitalism.


MONDAY – MAYDAY 2006 – 12pm – Central London

From: the Monday Mayday collective

Mayday planning meeting - 7pm Wednesday 8th March @ The Square, Russell Square, London

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