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Little London update: will an independent stand in May's council elections?

commoner | 08.03.2006 18:39 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

For the past five years, the residents of Little London estate in Leeds have been treated appallingly by Leeds City Council. Local councillors ate failing their electors by all supporting the attempted PFI-gentrification scheme for the area. Time for a change?

Rumours are emerging here on Little London estate that local tenants and residents are so pissed off with the fraudulent and corrupt recent consultation process of the community about regeneration that they are planning to stand a batch of council candidates across the Woodhouse and Hyde Park on a joint 'save our communities' ticket.

No one has yet come forward to announce their candidacy - but if an independent did stand on the Little London estate and had the support of community activists in Hyde Park and Woodhouse, then they WOULD EASILY get the 1500 votes required for probable election to the council.

An independent candidate would be hugely welcomed - speaking to people in the local pub the other night, everyone hates the present councillors who treat the residents like they were shit on their shoe.

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