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This Saturday: Demo / Street Party for Autonomous Spaces, Manchester

Mcr No Borders and Mcr Space Invaders | 07.04.2008 23:13 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | Migration | Social Struggles | Liverpool

This Saturday (12th of April), from 5pm, there will be a demonstration and street party held in Manchester city centre in defence of autonomous spaces and for freedom of movement. Support would be much appreciated. The event takes place as part of an international day of action (

Assemble 5pm, in / near the park by Urbis, just next to Manchester Victoria rail station.

Hopefully it'll be a noisy and fun time for all!

This will be one among many events taking place in Manchester over the weekend, including free-parties, workshops and a family fun day in the park (if you arrive early for the demo head for the park!).

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