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Days of Action For Squats and Autonomous Spaces

please attend meeting | 06.04.2008 22:37 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Towards the end of last year an international call out was made for decentralised days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. Following the call out there was a preparatory meeting at Les Tanneries in Dijon and later still a National Squatters Meeting in Leeds to discuss UK actions and events in response to the call out...

Autonomous spaces in London are organising events for the Days of Action for Squats and
Autonomous Spaces ( which is taking place next weekend - Friday 11th to Sunday 13th. This monday there will be a meeting held at the new social centre in Shoreditch from 7.30pm to finalise the programme of events (see also

If you are involved in an event planned for the days of action or would like to help out in some way, please attend this meeting!!

Some ways you can help...

1. Send us digital photos of empty buildings for the squatters estate
agency. Email them to along with the address,
postcode and a brief description of the building.

2. Got colour printing at work? We'll need the final estate agent
things printed out on A4. There will probably be a couple of dozen.
Can you do it mid week and get them to us by friday?

3. Contribute your art work. The Space Is The Place is themed around
issues of the current housing crisis, the appropriation of public
space by big business through privatisation and speculation, the
sell-off of council housing, the Olympics in 2012, social centres,
squats & free spaces, the mismanagement of land and its ownership by
the wealthy elite.

4. Share your skills. There will be a programme of practical workshops
over the weekend and we need people to facilitate them. Can you show
people how to pick locks, do simple plumbing, install a toilet, fix a
roof, reglaze a window, make a bike trailer, rewire a squat, do a
permaculture makeover of your yard, make a solar water heater from old
radiators etc. etc.? If so, please volunteer ASAP.

5. There will be a cafe and film night, probably Friday evening at
rampART so it would be good to have a crew of people up for making it
happen, skipping, food prep and cooking etc.

6. The Advisory Service for Squatter benefit gig taking place at the Hackney Social Centre will need a crew of people to help things run smoothly. Please volunteer.

7. We'd also really appreciate some help over the next five days to
make sure that the new building is ready. We've done loads (see update
below) but there is still plenty to finish.

Update on rampart 2.2

In the last two weeks all the missing floor boards have been replaced,
two flights of stairs rebuilt (almost), water piped into the toilets
and kitchen, two toilets installed and cisterns plumbed in, hole in
roof patched, some of the many smashed windows patched up or replaced,
etc. We've also rigged up electricity via a large bank of batteries
and an invertor.

We've also been chatting to neighbours and learning more about the
threaten redevelopment of the area and the local campaign against it.

please attend meeting



07.04.2008 09:45

The location is currently not being published and the article above was taken and modified from the latest rampART newsletter. Unfortunately I missed out the bit that says if you want to attend the meeting please phone or email for directions.

email rampart AT mutualaid DOT org

The location

what's happening in other places

07.04.2008 13:06

and if you're interested in stuff in other places in UK, for details check out

outside the M25


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