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BlokR was a success! Copenhagen action day report

MR | 06.04.2008 17:52 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | World

The BlokR action in support of creating a new Youth House in Copenhagen went off without a hitch. About 5000 people joined the demo which took nearly four hours to walk and ended in a massive street party in Nørrebro.

Welcoming tripod
Welcoming tripod

The transformed BlokR action was held on April 3rd as planned. About 5-6000 people took part in the massive demo, that went by many of the places in Copenhagen that have supported Ungdomshuset and housed its activities for the last year or more. The route took nearly four hours to walk and every mile was severely enjoyable and festive with four speaker trucks playing everything from rock through disco to electronica.

The demo was received at the square in front of Nørrebrohallen where G13 started by four tripods with banners in the colours of the four blocks, roman candles and a big banner saying simply "ungdomshuset".

Even though the mood at the demo was festive the speakers kept emphasizing that the battle is not yet over and that Thursday demos will continue until we are in actual physical possession of a new house. And even after that has happened, most likely the Thursday demos will continue, because the council has still not come through on its promise of a new children's house that they took away and promised to replace about five years ago.

From the speaker trucks a solidarity greeting was also sent out to the activists in Bukarest actioning against the NATO summit there. So the struggle continues.



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  1. wahey,well done — green syndicalist