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Free Spaces London Events Listing for this weekend

squat the lot | 08.04.2008 15:15 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Space Is The Place
- side stepping the property ladder

This is a one-off series of events to coincide with the Europe-wide days of action in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture. The events are based at a new squatted social centre in Shoreditch and other autonomous spaces around London

The themes for Space Is the Place is the appropriation of public space by big business through privatisation and speculation, the sell-off of council housing and how the current housing crisis affects the most disadvantaged, gentrification and redevelopment of East London for the Olympics in 2012, the mismanagement of land and its ownership by the wealthy elite...

There will be an open access art-space themed as above, discussions and skill-sharing to bring people together and share ideas on how we can solve the problems we face, info-station for DIY action, films, photography, music and cafe. There will also be a benefit gig to raise money for the Advisory Service for Squatters.

If you are engaged in struggle relating to land, housing, poverty etc - whether a group or individual - please contact us ASAP about doing a presentation, info stall, workshop etc

To contribute:

April2008 Banner
April2008 Banner

The weekend starts with a social meetup and info night at the rampART social centre on Friday evening - a cafe with films, presentations and info stall. There will also be an event at the NOID gallery with accoustic bands and performances.

The art-space, films, workshops and discussions will take place saturday and sunday daytime at the newly opened social centre in Shoreditch (address and directions to be annouced thurday). The space will also host a free shop and squatters estate agency.

On saturday evening, Hackney Social Centre on Lower Clapton Road will host the Advisory Service for Squatters benefit gig with Headjam, Skints, Ras Simeon Judah, 52 Commerical Rd and Pinstickers.

Private enterprise owns and runs nearly all of the places where we live and work. Social centres provide much needed public space for people to meet outside of the over-priced and controlled business ventures that make up our leisure options.

Social centres are run by and for the local community, and are not affiliated to political parties etc. We can meet to exchange skills and experiences, enjoy good food and a cuppa.

Squatting puts empty buildings into use and returns public space to all of us. GET INVOLVED


Also look out for the special issue of Rupture, the squatter zine.


7pm @rampART Social Centre (yes, it's still open)
Free Spaces info night and social meet up with cafe, films, talks, stalls

8pm @NOID Gallery
ASS acoustic bands and performance


12noon@Alexandra Hostel, Hackney
public action organised by London Coallition Against Poverty

Squatters Estate Agency, Art Exhibition, Films, Stalls, Workshops and discussion

Benefit gig for the Advisory Service for Squatters. Bands, stalls, vegan dinner.


Squatters Estate Agency, Art Exhibition, Films, Stalls, Workshops and discussion


Sat 11th : Wominspace workshops and drag party from 9pm till late

Sat 11th : 7pm - 11:30pm Earth Circus Climate 4 Change Cabaret @ Circle Community


New Shoreditch Squat : bowl court off plough yard, nr jnc Shoreditch High Street and Grt Eastern St.

rampART social centre : 15-17 Rampart Street, E1 2LA -

NOID gallery : 26 Calvert Ave, London E2 7JP -

Hackney Social Centre : 231 Lower Clapton Road, E5 8EG -

Wominspace : 4a Corbridge Crescent, E2 -

Circle Community : The Old Mercedes Showroom 341 Finchley Rd -

squat the lot
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Friday Evening @ rampART

10.04.2008 14:06

Space Is The Place kicks off on the evening of Friday 11th with a social meet up and info night at the rampART social centre on Friday evening - a chance to chat about events and actions over the weekend and tell people about the autonomous spaces you are involved in.

Side Stepping the Property Ladder @ rampART
From 7pm at 15 rampart street, London E1 2LA

Vegan cafe with films, presentations, info and music.

Films include:
* video vox pops from manchester about free spaces
* Trainsquatting - eastern european squatters
* Uprooted - Greek Olympics evictions
and many more

Presentations include:
* Shane Collins revisiting the highly influential Cooltan
and squat actions against the Criminal Justice Act in the 90's
* Squatters mutual aid networks and the advisory service for squatter.
* The rampART, past, present and future
more to be confirmed

Info Stalls include:
* London Coalition Against Poverty
* Advisory Service for Squatters
* Rupture Squat Zine
* Indymedia Offline and Infousurpa
all TBC

Music includes:
* Marianne Hyatt
* Half of 52 Commercial Road
* Tom from David Cronenbergs Wife

Help making the evening happen would be much appreciated, email rampart AT mutualaid DOT org if you can help skip, prepare and cook food, present a project, contribute films etc.

For info about other events taking place in London over the days of action, see

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Saturday and Sunday at new Shoreditch squat venue

10.04.2008 14:12

Over the last three weeks people have been preparing an abandoned warehouse in Shoreditch to host events over the weekend of the days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. This week, artists have been transforming the place for an exhibition themed around land use, gentrification, housing and reclaiming space.

The building opens on Saturday at 10am with a program of films, discussion and skill sharing till 7pm and again on Sunday. The space will also be hosting a freeshop and squatters estate agency.

Right on the edge of the city of London, the squat is overshadowed by a massive new 700 million pound development site pushing out into Shoreditch. A huge glistening glass tower block is the first of many that will be built here, transforming the area completely. The warehouse stands alone with earth movers parked in the open area between it and the construction trains and tower blocks, an almost exact real life replica of the image used on the April2008 website.

The squat is located in Bowl Court which is up Plough Court next to the junction of Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street.

You involvement is essential. We are looking for people to contribute discussions and practical workshops over the weekend. If you can help please come along to the meet up at rampART on Friday evening.

plough and bowl?

Sat night @ Hackney Social Centre

10.04.2008 14:19

1st flyer front
1st flyer front

1st flyer back
1st flyer back

The ASS benefit will be at The Hackney Social Centre on Lower Clapton Road

Headjam ( punky dub ),
Pinstickers ( live dance ),
52 Commercial Rd ( this is a prog/experimental band and NOT the venue ),
Ras Simeon Judah ( live hiphop ),
The Skints ( ska ).
Plus stalls and squat films etc.

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Women's and Poly-Trans Benefit Party and Workshops @Wominspace

10.04.2008 16:08

Like many autonomous spaces in the area, the Wominspace is facing eviction very soon so we hope you will join us celebrating this space and bringing energy to our resistance and our next space.

Friday 11th & Saturday12th April 2008 are Days of Action for Squats & Autonomous spaces see

During the day we will also be running some fun workshops at the space. See timetable below.

Saturday 12th April:

Knicker Making Workshop
12pm - 5pm, Saturday 12th April
Materials (please bring as much of this as you can, some things we can share, some
thingswe can bring spares of): for the 1st part, making the pattern, you need big sheets of paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, set square, sellotape,paper scissors and a tape measure.
for the 2nd part, making your knickers, you need stretchy fabric (wide enough to go
around your hips and long enough to go through your legs), fabric scissors, needle and
thread, and whatever ribbons, fabric paint, applique, dead frogs, frills, or other trimmings
you want to decorate them with.

Drag Workshop:
Drag Kings, Drag Queens, FTF, cross-species, anything in between!
Materials:Clothes of all kinds dresses, shoes, suits etc - dress up as whatever you want, for Drag Kinging make sure shirts are not tailored at the waist and that the trousers sit on the hipbones, rather than up. wide clothes make sense.It would be good if everyone could bring a make up brush and scissors,Also 1-3 condoms (don't ask, but it'll be fun) If anyone has any artificial hair and mastix (theatrical glue) please bring too.If ppl want to bind away their breasts they will need wide elastic bandages, strong ones. Make up. Props and costumes of all kinds.

Women's and poly-trans Benefit Party at Wominspace £5/3
9pm - Late See flyer at

You are invited to a lovely party at the new women's social centre in Hackney, East London! We are, like many autonomous spaces in the area, facing eviction very soon so we hope you will join us celebrating this space and bringing energy to our resistance and our next space.

Come dragged up and dressed up! We will also have a dressing up room!

*Bands and Performers: Gertrude - stylish edgy post-punkrock, Firecracker - experimental Klezmer influenced cello

*DJs Sexyrubbersoul and Peelee spinning dub pressure,eclectic chill-out & ass slappin house. Helena of Jean Genet splendor will play a late set of pop, indie and electrotrash.

*We'll be running a DIY cabaret open mic so think about performing/doing a reading/playing/ranting etc etc. If you are interested in doing a cabaret piece and have a chance to let us know before hand please get in touch.

* Vegan Food

* The night is a benefit for the space and also for the Advisory Service for Squatters. If we make more money we can donate some to a new Women's Space in Yorkshire.

The Wominspace has recently expanded its gender policy. We are a women's space open to all women and all trans people.

Looking forward to dancing with you on Saturday!

4a Corbridge Crescent, off Mare Street, Hackney E2.

(Unfortunately our current building is not wheelchair accessible. There are a few steps up tofront door and a small flight up to first floor.)

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