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Mayday Mayhem In Lancaster

anarchoteapot | 06.05.2004 14:07 | May Day 2004 | Free Spaces

The Mayday weekend was yet again reclaimed by Lancaster anarchists, Greens, party people, families, uncle Tom Cobbley and all!

The weekend actually kicked off with a punk gig in Preston on Friday night (the weekend of 'Mayday Mayhem' was a Preston/Lancaster/Burnley co-operative effort), but got into the swing on Mayday propor. People attended the Trade Union/Labour movement march and rally, with speakers and a brass band from Morecambe. The Greens and Respect speakers were well recieved, the Labour MP (predictably) less so! Theme was tolerance, and as the rally started a BNP leafletter was non-violently blocked by anarchists, then arrested by police for Breach of the Peace.

The pictures following are from the Mayday picnic, on Quayside meadow, which started as a punk picnic, was joined by a 7-year old's birthday party (Happy Birthday Connor! Same age as Blair's government!), then a yurt and sound system turned up, followed by lots of random lancastrians with kids, dogs, cake, a solar airship etc etc. Lots of people out for a walk stopped by during the 8 hour sun-blessed event, and chilled, or read the information boards produced for the event, on the local resource centre, cooperatives, workers without bosses, direct action etc. A footie game struck up with crusty punks and 2 year olds and everything in between well represented.

Later in the evening there was a gig at the Gregson Community Centre, which was decorated with anarchist posters,. info boards and literature throughout, before some revellers sloped off to a free party near Kirkby Lonsdale... a 24 hour celebration of Beltane/International Workers Day!



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