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Mainshill Solidarity Camp Update: two and a half months on

Mainshill Solidarity Camp | 02.09.2009 08:37 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces | World

Over two and a half months ago the Mainshill Solidarity Camp was set up on the site of a new open cast coal mine at Mainshill Wood, in support of the local communities efforts to oppose the project and Scottish Coal’s plans, and in defiance of planning approval granted by South Lanarkshire Council.

It's the fort that counts
It's the fort that counts

A lot has happened during the past few months: Scottish Coal and Strathclyde Police busted through barricades with a JCB and removed machinery, the Camp for Climate Action in Scotland set up in the field next to the camp, actions have happened, and finally an issue has been made of coal expansion in Scotland. Amazing work and research has been done into the health impacts of open cast coal mining for surrounding communities (see – an issue that Scottish Coal, Lord Home (the land owner) and South Lanarkshire Council can no longer silence.

So why have a group of people decided to live on the site of a relatively small open cast coal mine, that is mostly plantation forest and surrounded by only a few small communities, and why is this so important? Because it is places such as Douglas that direct action, rooted in community struggle, can be at its most effective. At Mainshill, the fight is against feudal land ownership and a fat-cat Lord, a corrupt Council that has removed local democratic processes, a multi-million pound mining company that stops at nothing for profit and government policy that prioritises cheap coal over community health and the environment.

Now the campaign is firmly established and is winning a lot of ground, pressure and momentum must be kept up and the struggle must be brought to other communities facing similar injustices as Douglas.
The camp will defend this liberated space and stand in solidarity with communities until the Wood is saved!

How you can help:
- Visit and stay at the camp! Even if its just for a day we’d love to have you
- Donations – both financial and anything from our wishlist here are much appreciated
- Spread the word – help distribute flyers, send emails and tell people about the struggle
- Take action – central Scotland is littered with coal infrastructure, corporate HQs, open cast mines and power stations

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