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Sumac Garden Project, looking verdant 2 [Food for the Future]

Tash [alan lodge] | 30.08.2009 20:23 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces

Folks have been beavering away in the Sumac Yard Garden. Watching your garden grow.

Folks have been beavering away in the Sumac Yard Garden. Watching your garden grow.

The yard has been much improved earlier this year, with some of the asphalt being dug up. Wooden 'trough boxes' built. Many, many pots and seeds planted in the poly greenhouse.

In spite of the rather average sumer .... the yard now looks particularly green and generally even more verdant than when I photographer everything back in May. Well, that nature for you, innit!

Volunteers have obviously put in the hours here. The objective, not just to grow food for the Sumac itself ..... but also to provide a positive example on what can be achieved in quite modest urban surroundings.

It is hoped folks would look at what has been achieved here, and think they could adapt ideas to their own circumstances.

How about getting involved for next year?

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