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Guerrilla Gardening for Clowns

Koogie Smith | 18.08.2009 13:01 | Ecology | Free Spaces | South Coast

The world of permaculture meets rebel clowning.

This is a two-day workshop where people can learn the ancient art of clowning and methods of direct action in the context of permaculture design.

Where and When
Coachwerks, 19 Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton BN1 7HB
22/23 August 2009
10am to 5pm both days

The intention is threefold.
1. Exploring ways to reclaim a sense of community and openness with each other, fostering group intelligence.
2. Reclaiming our bodies, spontaneity and natural creativity through clowning.
3. Reclaiming land through direct action.

We will be working with games and exercises involving rebel clowning as well as permaculture design and guerilla gardening.

Who is facilitating the workshop
I have facilitated some 30 or so workshops in clowning and taken part in numerous workshops in fooling (which has given me a wealth of experience working with people creatively in groups). I have also taken part in a permaculture design course.

The workshop is run on a donations basis. Donate what you feel the cost of such a workshop should be - obviously within the limits of what you feel you can afford.

Also, please bring food to share for lunch and invite your friends. It really helps me if others help to publicise; that way the circle of people who are reached becomes much bigger!

Please contact me on 07810 540 379 if you wish to reserve a place. Looking forward to playing together.


Koogie Smith
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