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Self-managed park in Athens under attack by police

kropotkin fan | 04.09.2009 08:17 | Free Spaces | Repression | World

About 1-1.30 am: 3-4 police jeeps tried to invade Messolongiou street, in Exarchia. the people who were there resisted throwing things at them. Police forces from different directions tried to encircle the area. Tear-gas is reported to have been used near the self-organized Navarinu park. Somebody reports that about 2 persons are held by the police near the area.

criminal police roam free
criminal police roam free

This translation is based on Indymedia postings in Greek at

This is the abridged version of the translation with some info only of local interest removed for brevity, if you want to see it full (in English) check

Police tonight attacked the self-organised Navarinou park in Exarcheia, central Athens.

Two police jeeps were in in the region at 1:30am tonight. The people there stated throwing stuff at them to defend their free space. Police forces encircled Exarcheia and cops were seen on a nearby avenue. At least one noise-light grenade was used near the self-managed Navarinou park. Rumours say 2 persons were detained at a nearby street. Others say there were 3 or 4 jeeps and lots of tear gas was fired.

Some youths were graffiting walls at a street corner. The two police jeeps stopped there and arrested one youth (the rest managed to leave). A few people tried to defend against the two approaching jeeps. The jeeps managed to leave with the arrested guy.

A posting says the youth was seen in handcuffs and confirms the noise-light grenade throwing incident and another post says lots of tear gas was used, with more arrests. A Delta police group was also stationed there for half an hour, swearing at people.

Some say they saw an injured person and cops swearing "we will fuck your Exarcheia" (Exarcheia is considered to be "the anarchist district" in Athens). Another posting says the injured youth had blood in his/her head.

At 2:30am Delta cops entered Exarcheia square and beaten people there. Another posting confirms two arrests, one injured. More policemen on nearby streets.

Garbage cans were put on fire in the streets, with a Delta group nearby at 2:30am. Cover police were also seen. Policemen with searchlights entered the self-managed park. Cops were swearing at two arrested youths, and some people ran towards them in solidarity, and at that moment a cop threatened to use his gun. Another cop threw a noise-light grenade and the people left. More than 50 Delta policemen were seen around.

A posting claims that cover police and strong police forces were seen nearby from 11:30pm, and assumes the attack was pre-organised. Also policemen were seen around the Asoee economics university.

Police "do not cross" lines were put around near the Athens law school. The media talk about 5 arrests. Firefighters dealt with the garbage cans that were put on fire. By 3am about 100 policemen were near the region of the old "Irida" social centre. The traffic was stopped in a street there. There were 150 people in and around the Navarinou self-managed park when they got attacked.

All info from Athens IMC user postings, can't verify more than what is said. (many thanks to the first translator as well). Full post with street names etc at

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