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UPDATE: Romanian Social Centre UNDER THREAT!

Emma | 17.12.2005 18:51 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | World

As detailed in previous articles on Indymedia, the social/cultural centre INCA in Timisoara, Romania, is under threat of eviction and desperately needs support. To send a protest email will only take a few minutes.

The INCA centre is an extremely rare place in Romania. In fact, as far as I know, it's the ONLY activist-run social centre (hence the only free space) Romania has. It provides a much-needed focal point for Romania's alternative and activist scenes, and stands as a challenge to the scourges of fascism, pro-Europe/US cultural homogeny and indifference that blight Romania and Europe in general. Romanian activists need the INCA centre and the INCA centre needs support in order to survive.

In the last few days, the Mayor of Timisoara and his colleagues decided that INCA would be evicted a year and half before its lease runs out. IT IS NOT TO LATE TO PUT PRESSURE ON THEM NOT TO GO AHEAD WITH THIS.

Please contact the Mayor to urge him not to evict INCA before their lease expires. Please stress its cultural importance and the fact that it draws many visitors to Timisoara from across Romania, Europe and beyond. This is more likely to sway him than its importance to activists!

To contact the Mayor, go to:

click on 'Formular de contact' and a form will appear to fill in. It will ask for your details and your message. Your message will have greater credibility if you include a real or credible name rather than obvious nickname. You have the option of sending it to 'primaria' (town hall) or there's a dropdown list. Send to 'primaria' or directly to the Mayor (primar, Gheorghe Ciuhandru) or one of the vice-mayors (viceprimar).

Alternatively, click on 'carte de oaspeti' to register your protest in their 'guestbook' (viewed publicly).

Please do this short and simple thing to save Romania's only free space. I have been there several times and it's the business! Thanks.

For more information, check out archive articles on this site or go to the Romania Indymedia site:

- e-mail:
- Homepage: