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Winter Solstice Celebration @ Asbo Community Centre

Dr Docter | 19.12.2005 17:50 | Culture | Free Spaces

Come along and celebrate. The days are getting longer and a new year is coming on!

Winter Solstice Celebration,
Asbo Community Centre,
Wednesday the 21st December,
4pm 'til later.

Drumming circle,
Fairy grotto performance room,
Open mic,
Open fire,
Open minds.

Please bring food to share and your drink to drink (NOT REQUIRED).

This event could be quite special! People will be observing the solstice around the world like they've been doing since the dawn of humans. Find the true meaning of yuletime.
Play bongo's? Poi? Fire staff? Bring 'em along and tempt back the sun. Poem/song you want to share? Firewood? Great.
Nothing but you? That will do!

An event for all ages...

Bring a smile and invite a friend. :)

Dr Docter
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Whoops a daisy

23.12.2005 16:59

The below address is the correct one for Asbo. Please get involved, cos nothing lasts forever!

Dr Doctor
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