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Philosopher's and Memetic Engineers Wanted

appleman | 19.12.2005 12:50 | Analysis | Culture | Free Spaces

Philosopher's and Memetic Engineers wanted for the submission of their concepts, political analysis, mind viruses and memes, for the "now-back-online-being-switched-off" is back online again after being switched off by disgruntled authorative forces, deleted, and then switched off again. Finally now it is back on forever and there is nothing that the relevant "authorities" can do about it this time around. Needless to say however that the meme database is close to empty after the aforementioned reboots and is badly in need of philosophers, memetic engineers, sociologist, activists and analysts to help bring back the database to it's fomer glory. I know many of you were prior memetic-flux subscribers and so i urge all of you to rejoin. It's still the number one meme tracking station and it's still ALL FREE, and always will be. Help us rebuild memetic-flux and make it even bigger and better than it was before.

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