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Canary Wharf Group Trying to Ban Demo During ESF

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PA news via Scotsman reports that Canary Wharf Group have gone to Hight Court to stop the cleaners solidarity demo next friday during the european social forum:

Fri 8 Oct 2004

Legal Bid to Ban Cleaners' Pay March

By Alan Jones, Industrial Correspondent, PA News

Organisers of a march in support of a pay campaign for cleaners in one of the country’s most prestigious office blocks have been served with a High Court writ in a bid to ban the event, it was revealed today.

Thousands of trade unionists and other activists are expected to join the demonstration outside Canary Wharf in London’s Docklands next Friday.

The march has been timed to coincide with the European Social Forum, a four-day event which will attract thousands of delegates from unions, charities and community groups.

Hundreds of seminars and workshops will be held to debate social and labour issues and speakers will include Che Guevara’s daughter.

The low pay protest, dubbed Walk On The Wharf, is due to be held on the streets outside Canary Wharf.

Organisers have been told to appear in the High Court next week after the writ was served on behalf of the office tower’s owners.

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