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Camp Inski - Anti-G8-Camping at the Baltic Sea | 03.07.2006 16:03 | G8 Russia 2006 | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

For global social rights and an entirely different entirety!

August 4-13th 2006

In summer 2007 the G8 will meet at the Kempinski Grand Hotel at
Heiligendamm / Rostock. Many texts were written against the G8 summits and there is nothing else to demand than to close down these meetings. Those summits are also symbolic places of a collective "Ya Basta!" to against the neoliberal vision of the end of history. It was in those protest where we experienced a collective ability to visualize a completely diffent world, on a global scale.

The international camp against the G8 Summit 2007 in Heiligendamm, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will take place from August 4.-13. 2006 at Heiligendamm, Rostock. ( yes that's correct, we are one year early ;) )

International Call

The leaders of the 8 most powerful nations of the world have one big meeting every year, where they discuss the most important developments of the world´s economy and politics. The huge influence of these nations means that decisions of the G8 meetings have direct and massive results for large parts of the world. Their politics stand for exploitation, poverty, social attacs and migration control. Our vision of the world is different from this. We want to build up a just world with equal rights, which is orientating itself towards basic human needs and away from overwhelming exploitation, exclusion and power.

In 2007 the governmental leaders of the G8 are meeting in Northern
Germany, at the Kempinski Grand Hotel in Heiligendamm on the Baltic Sea. For years, the protests against those meetings have become symbolic places of a collective and broad-based call of "Ya Basta"- its enough. The protests in Prague, Gothenbourg, Genoa and elsewhere up to those in Gleneagles and St. Petersburg stand for multi-sided experiences at the topic of internationalism. We want to analyse and reflect the protest of 2006 in Russia, as a defined stage of our mobiliation aginst the 2007 G8 meeting.

We developed the idea of the Camp Inski 2006, one year before the actual G8 meeting will take place, to be able to have a continuity in praxis and theory. There we want to discuss the inhuman, neoliberal restructuring of the world, as well as exchange ideas about international and very different pratices of resistance. We want to use the experiences and energies of recent years up to 2007 for organising a broad, resolute and effective inernational resistance.

We think of Camp Inski as a public space for the use of many groups including the trade union left, anti-racist groups,
grassroots-movements, refugee self-organisations, attac, the autonomous left, anarchists and others. However different all those people will be, we all have the desire for a different world. We are united in the fight for a globalisation of emancipation and human standards, which are in total opposition to the ideas and demands of the global capital. We want to work for basic human needs and against overwhelming exploitation, exclusion and power. In this sense Camp Inski should be a place for meeting, for exchange and for a space to discuss our different perspectives.

Besides a good life at the lovely baltic sea Camp Inski, the anti-G8
camp should include protests, including civil disobiedience where
practical. There are lots of local possibilities to tie into our actions. Migration, anti-fascism and the resistance against militarism and war are just some of the topics that will play a role at the Camp
Inski. But we want more, because the neoliberal restructuring of the
world is multi-sided. So is our resistance and our forms of resistance.

Thats why we call for an active participation in the camp with
workshops, actions and discussions.
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