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Resisting the cuts at Leeds University. Strike, Occupy, Transform!

The Really Open University | 16.02.2010 21:55 | Education | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Sheffield

A group called the Really Open University has been established to help resist the £35 million of cuts being made at the University of Leeds.

The University of Leeds is facing £35million of cuts and around 700 job cuts. The lecturers union, the UCU, in a record turnout has recently voted to strike. Background info here:

The Really Open University has been established in order to help resist these cuts and support the strikes, but also in order to widen the struggle into one that criticizes the current model of education and aims at attempting to transform it into something more liberatory.

The second issue of our newsletter, 'The Sausage Factory' is out now. You can dowload if here:

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