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Police evict new No Borders/ SOS Sans Papiers space Calais

no one is illegal! | 07.02.2010 17:12 | Free Spaces | Migration | Repression

Police force entry and arrest all those who were inside, who all had papers. Illegal eviction of space.

Phoned in report from Calais, 16.45 Uk time
-As of about 3 or 4pm there were about 30-40 migrants still at Krondstat and many police surrounded the space. Riot vans were lined up outside to block the view from media. No Borders activists encouraged the migrants to go or stay as they pleased. All voluntarily left. As the No Borders crew were trying to decide whether or not to allow police in to see that there were no people without papers there, police forced their way in by smashing windows and and arrested all the people. No major injuries as far as we know. After having IDs checked hey are now being released a few at a time. There are a lot of police on the ground, around 20 vans of CRS just by the hotel police. Rumours of mass arrests tonight. Migrants are currently being chased and arrested around the town. No one sure what will happen as the night goes on.
More updates to follow.

no one is illegal!
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