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Redditch reuse group celebrates success & calls for reuse warehouse

Redditch Freecycle | 12.02.2010 19:33 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Birmingham

Redditch Freecycle has reached 10,000 members in 4 years but founders accept that the group only rehomes a small minority of the towns useful items. They have called for a reuse warehouse which could deal with the waste mountain, create jobs, save precious resources, train young people & help low income families all in one go!

Press Release - 12/2/10


Redditch Freecycle has soared past the 10,000 member mark in just over 4 years. Group founders are celebrating the group's achievements & looking forward to attracting another 10,000 members, whilst also calling for more action to reduce the mountain of useful items still sent to landfill.

Redditch Freecycle was formed in January 2006, part of the global Freecycle Network. [1] The internet based reuse group has become one of the biggest and most active across the West Midlands region, keeping literally tonnes of useful items out of landfill every month.

Freecycle groups match people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them. It`s just like Ebay, except no money changes hands. Items advertised on the popular Redditch website range from furniture, electrical equipment, building materials, sheds and pianos to smaller items such as books, DVD`s, children`s toys and clothing.

Kevin White, the founder of the group, said "I never dreamed that Redditch Freecycle could ever be as successful as it is today. Literally hundreds of items are rehomed every week, saving an estimated 10 tonnes from landfill each month!! Even old & damaged stuff is often snapped up quickly. One person`s trash can truly be another`s treasure!" [2]

Group member Kate Buck said, "I am a great fan of freecycle & tell everyone to get into it rather than going to the tip. I have given away plenty which is great as it is alot less hassle than going to the tip & makes you feel good for giving something to someone else. I have also been amazed by what people will give you for nothing!"

Member Rachel Moore commented, "I have only been freecycling for about a week, but have already rehomed lots of different items to many different people and have recieved some much needed items too. I am definitely a long term freecycler now, as I can see how much good it does!"

And member Barb Gasby said, "My neighbour and I are avid freecyclers both offering and receiving items. We have even made a new mutual friend through freecycling."

Kevin White, who is also the Green Party's Parliamentary Candidate for Redditch continued, "Freecycle is a fantastic community reuse initiative but it can only ever do so much. If we consider furniture alone, 10 million items of furniture are thrown away every year in the UK. 3 million of these items could be easily re-used & more could be repaired." [3]

"With landfill tax set to soar and the huge energy saving potential in reusing & repairing our products, it's time we did more to save stuff from ending up in landfill. I would like to see a reuse warehouse based on Crossgates Road near the waste depot, where all reusable products could be diverted from the tip, cleaned and repaired if neccessary, before being sold at bargain prices or offered to the needy for free."

"Not only would this save the council paying landfill tax, it would create much needed jobs, could be used to train young people, save precious resources from being further depleted and help many of the low income households within the town. Everyone wins!"

Anyone wanting to join Redditch Freecycle should go to the group website


Note to Editors
1. The Freecycle Network was started in Tuscon, Arizona in May 2003 and has since spread rapidly. There are currently, over 6 million members around the globe, including in Australia, Africa and Asia.
2. Kevin White can be contacted on 01527 458395.
3. Read more about the Redditch Green Party

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