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Do The Nihil - riots in germany

Indymedia | 05.02.2011 19:43 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | World

After evicting an old legalized squat (tricky and not legally by blocking the residents' lawyer off the house) there were riots in Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen for minimum 2 days and militant actions, gatherings and small rallies all over Germany


Liebigstrasse 14 was one of the first occupied houses in Eastern Berlin shortly after the "reunification" in "the summer of anarchy" 1990 when the silent squatting of tens of thousands of appartments in East Berlin (GDR) came on an another level and ended up with more than 100 squats, most of got contracts to pay rent for and peace down the movement. Later on it was sold to gentrificator and nazi-friend Beulker who now owns lots of former "people-owned" houses in this area of Berlin-Friedrichshain.

An iron front-door installed to live collectively without doors inside was found forbitten by the courts and also that the shithead had no keys of the house made the reasons to kick the tenants out. When the courts announced the date of eviction for the 2nd of Februar autonomous and anarchist groups announced the price Berlin will have to pay for making 25 comrades homelesss: 1 million Euros!

This "one million" roots back in history because in 1981 the then much bigger squatter movement held sweet press-conferences with their masks on announcing one million Deutschmark per eviction; the first squatter riots were in Berlin-Friedrichshain's Barrakia in 1872!

So far the damage done on the night from 2nd to 3rd reached that goal and the damage is growing as militant actions keep on. The practice of "decentral actions" brings in the results and damage is done all over Berlin with smashing the windows of banks, shopping malls, luxury shops, cop-cars, frat cars and one police station. But also all over germany there were and are demos, blockades, symbolic squattings and attacks on police-precincts or cars with stones and paintballs, two militant demos in Hamburg and one in Copenhagen.

So far the cops claim 60 (lightly) injured coppers and 100 detainees with 9 in pre-trial prison.

Luxury shops smashed in yuppicided area of Berlin-Mitte on the 4th:

Pics of eviction, protesting neighbors and resistance in the surrounding areas on the 2nd:

Pics of the demo after the eviction and the following night:



more footage: