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Loss of a protestor

Bilston road protest site | 10.02.2011 19:18 | Ecology | Free Spaces | World

As many are now becoming aware a fellow protestor has died in a tragic accident

During the early hours of monday the 31st a protestor died in on bilston woods protest site. Andy was a young man from South Africa and a great part of our community that will be sorely missed by all.
If anybody within our circles would like to find out more we have a facebook account under bilston woods
At the moment we are trying to raise funds by any means possible we have set up a internet account which is but please feel free to look us up and contact site. The funds are to help the family.
Any and all well wishers please post messages to us through indimedia or facebook.
Many thanks to the groups that have already got in contact the moral support from around the world has been astounding
Many thanks
Bilston Woods

Bilston road protest site
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