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Brighton ZineFest this weekend!

brightonzinefest | 19.02.2011 12:22 | Culture | Free Spaces | Gender | South Coast | World

Two days of events!

For venue info check our website!


Workshops in the day at the Cowley Club (details below)

Then a benefit gig with five bands for £5 requested donation, 8-12.


The zine fayre at the Hanover Community Centre will now feature awesome, cheap, vegan-friendly food courtesy of Anarchist Teapot - so bring a few quid along and you can leave with a full belly and a bag full of brilliant zines.

We are still looking for volunteers so if you can spare a couple of hours to help us then please just get in touch, or come talk to us on the weekend.

See you there!

Workshops @ The Cowley Club, Saturday 19th February:

12.30pm – Isy Morgenmuffel - Vegan Cookery
A session about good cooking and eating during which we will discuss and demystify vegan diets (nutrition, meal ideas, FAQs), get inspiration from the many awesome cooking zines out there, swap favourite recipes, and make some tasty vegan snacks and treats to munch on before we go. Donations towards ingredients welcome.

1pm - Emma Falconer - How to Make a Zine
BZF’s very own Emma Falconer will be showing you how to make a zine: from folding the pages to designing and stapling – as well as what to put in them.

2pm - Michelle Kempson - Zines as Activism
Michelle Kempson has, for the last three years, been researching feminist and queer zines in the UK context. The research has provoked her to ask whether zines in general are a form of activism or not. This session will be an interactive exploration of this question and will invite discussion and audience opinion.

2.30pm - Jessie & Amy - An Introduction to DIY Screen Printing
Screen printing with low-budget, minimal materials. Learn how to make your own screens, cut a stencil and print it.

3.30pm – Jen Claptrap - Kerb Crawled: Reacting to Street Harassment
A workshop where we share any experiences of street harassment we may or may not have, and think about how we react and would like to react. There will also be time for making some pages for a collaborative zine.

4pm – Joe Decie - Making a Comic
Joe Decie, by his own admission, “draws pictures in boxes that are true and made up.” The creator of What I Drew comics (and more!), will take us on an hour-long journey through the world DIY comics & ways of self publishing.

4.30pm - Red and Sarah - Survivor Zines: Telling Our Stories of Sexual Violence
Survivor zines can be used for healing, transformation and community support around experiences of sexual violence. This discussion session hopes to create an open space to talk about what role survivor zines can play in our lives and communities. Open to people of all genders, and for survivors, their friends, and allies.

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