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Video of Occupation of Hetherington Research Club.

Vegan Lefty | 02.02.2011 14:55 | Education | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

Video of Occupation of Hetherington Research Club.

1st February 2011, 14.00

Glasgow university students are currently occupying a building against the attacks by the university administration on the Hetherington research club and the cuts agenda of the government and the council.

Susan a Glasgow student says “we have reopened the Hetherington research club The Hetherington research club was closed by university management a year ago. The building was shut because of the financial mismanagement by directors appointed by the university. Students at Glasgow university have spent the last year trying to negotiate the reopening of the Hetherington research club but the university has been unresponsive in dealing with students.”

Currently around 70-100 students are occupying the building and are negotiating freedom of access with university management. Students from across Glasgow have come to the Hetherington research club to support the occupation and contribute to the creation of a list of demands.

A spokesperson can be reached on 07511604425

Vegan Lefty