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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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LONDON - Wed May9 2pm-5pm *South Korean Embassy *Solidarity with Nonviolent Resi

09-05-2012 07:39

LONDON - Wed May 9th 2pm-5pm *Gather outside the South Korean Embassy in Solidarity with Nonviolent Resistance to Military Base Construction on Je Ju Island,
*Peace activists, Catholic Workers & Veterans for Peace UK, a gorup of Swedish students will join Angie Zelter (recently arrested at JeJu Island) and others at the South Korean embassy/London in solidarity with residents of Je Ju Island nonviolently resisting the construction of a U.S. naval warfighting base on their traditional lands.

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Anarchist action update (Global)

05-05-2012 19:58

ATMs sabotaged in Memphis (USA) // Explosive placed in police mausoleum by "DESTRUCTIVE LUMPEN" in Temuco (Chile) // Petrol bomb attack on Wells Fargo bank, Portland (USA) // "The CeCe McDonald Brigade" vandalise Star Bucks and a cop car in Denver (USA) // financial and real estate targets smashed up on 2 high-streets in Bristol (UK) // cop car smashed up by anarchist group, Denver (USA) // "Some Wayward Nocturnals - Informal Anarchist Federation" (FAI/IRF) arson National Bank ATM (Bolivia) // Arson attack on Wells Fargo bank, Portland (USA) // "Friends of the Earth - Informal Anarchist Federation" torch more luxury cars, Buenos Aires (Argentina) // State Security Agency vehicle torched by "Cell for Violent and Excessive Attack on Power / Informal Anarchist Federation", Mexico City (Mexico) // "Anarchist Nihilists" make responsibility claim for smashings and arsons in the streets of Barcelona (Catalunya)

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Solidarity action at USAF Fairford during Bradley Manning's court hearing

03-05-2012 08:40

Siobhan Winter-Smith stood in solidarity with Bradley Manning outside the military base at Fairford, Gloucestershire on the first day of Bradley Manning's pre-trial 'motions' hearing last week.

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Peter Tatchell joins Bradley Manning contingent on Mayday march

03-05-2012 08:19

Anthony and Serena were joined by Peter Tatchell taking the 'Free Bradley Manning' message to the streets in London for the Mayday march with placard and megaphone from Clerkenwell Green to the rally in Trafalgar Square.

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Wrecsam Gig for Bradley Manning concludes Welsh Solidarity Tour

03-05-2012 07:59

gig poster in Saith Seren's window
Report from the gig for Bradley Manning held at Saith Seren Welsh cultural centre in Wrexham on Sunday 29 April.

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Whistleblowers meet in Denbigh as part of Bradley Manning solidarity tour

03-05-2012 07:20

Report from a meeting of north Wales whistleblowers and supporters held last Friday, 27 April in Denbigh.

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Canada supplied drones to Libyan rebels

28-04-2012 18:40

While the UN embargo was clearly aimed at preventing the delivery of weapons both to Gadhafi and those fighting him, NATO looked the other way when it came to the rebels. Hundreds of tonnes of ammunition and arms breezed through the blockade, exposing what critics say was Canada and NATO’s real motive during the Libyan war — regime change under the guise of protecting civilians.

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Blood spattered ex spy chief joins Jeremy Hunt protection racket

26-04-2012 23:19

Alex Allen has reappeared at last - in the Jeremy Hunt will not resign soap opera! with a mystery reappointment which was done secretly by Downing Street and the Cabinet office to avoid bad press - curiouser and curiouser said Alice

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A24 Solidarity Vigil for Bradley Manning at U.S. Embassy, London

26-04-2012 10:15

April the 24th there has been a vigil at U.S. Embassy, London in solidarity with Bradley Manning.

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Bradley Manning back in court – Solidarity in Cardiff

26-04-2012 09:09

Bradley has been held for almost two years in pre-trial detention and was tortured for nearly a year. Supporters in Cardiff held a day of solidarity to mark the beginning of the current court hearing that runs 24-26 April.

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Insurrectionary anarchist action news update (Global)

25-04-2012 11:48

Responsibility claim for vandalism of school property by anarchist students "Disturbance of Urban Quietness" in Athens, 31/03 (Greece) // Claim by "Friends of the Earth / Informal Anarchist Federation" (FAI) for 14/04 arson of 2 luxury cars in Buenos Aires (Argentina) // Report from anarchist rally in solidarity with Greek anarchist prisoners on hunger strike, 19/04 in New York City (USA) // Communique for 22 & 23 April sabotage of 10 ATMs in Heraklion by anarchists (Crete) // Responsibility claim for 24/04 vandalism of Church, Portland (USA) // Communique from "Severino. Di. Giovanni Nihilist Cell / FAI-FRI" for explosive attack on ATM in Lima (Peru) // Report of 27/04 solidarity gathering for the anarchist hunger strikers in Kapnikarea area of Athens (Greece) // A few updates on comrades’ hunger strikes (ongoing) (Greece)

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YOUTUBES - Launch of Veterans for Peace UK at Giuseppe Conlon House, London, Apr

25-04-2012 08:53

YOUTUBE (3 mins 42 secs) Individual Veterans for Peace (UK & USA) introduce themselves at launch.

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Media Scoundrels Promote War on Syria

24-04-2012 15:37

Syria's a battle zone. Western generated violence is to blame, not Assad. America's media scoundrels claim otherwise. They want him ousted by any means, including war. An April 9 Wall Street Journal commentary said "Syrian government forces (keep) bombing and killing...." Assad "reneged on (his) promises to end the bloodshed." Washington "and its allies (are) doing little or nothing to depose (his) regime. (The) illusion of diplomatic progress serves as cover for the Assads of the world to do more killing. Your move, President Obama." Like all scoundrel media commentators, Journal contributors blame victims, not villains. Their readers are betrayed, not informed. Wall Street Journal contributor Fouad Ajami long ago sold out to imperial interests for whatever he gets in return. He showed it in an op-ed headlined, "A Kosovo Model for Syria," saying: "In the Obama world, the tendency to wait has become official policy: It is either boots on the ground or head in the sand." ......

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Bradley Manning: Solidarity in Cardiff 16-24 April

23-04-2012 22:46

Here are some photos of what we've been doing in Cardiff over the past week in connection with Bradley Manning. Solidarity events continue tomorrow in Cardiff on the first day of Bradley's next court hearing:

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National Gallery Complicit in Arms Trade - Disarm the National Gallery

23-04-2012 16:19

Our National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London
On 31st March 2012, Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) & Stop the Arms Fair (STAF) launched a campaign to ‘Disarm the National Gallery’ in Trafalgar Square, London. A video of this action including never seen before footage of protests & discussions inside the National Gallery and an interview with BBC correspondent & Channel 4 reporter Paraic O’Brien at Stop the Arms Fair 2011 can be viewed here -

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Recent direct action / insurrectional news (Global)

23-04-2012 13:13

responsibility claim by "the kids play" for 22/03/12 incendiary attack on Hummer SUV in Athens (Greece) // County Meath fox hunt vehicles sabotaged, 24/03/12 (Ireland) // claim of eco-sabotage by "ELF Moscow" in Butovo forest, 3/04, (Russia) // claim of arson of comm mast in Bristol by "Some rising flames, ELF Empowering inferno" 11/04, (UK) // Update from No TAV struggle (Italy) // 13/04 claim of arson of state security agency vehicle by "Cell for the Violent and Immoderate Attack against Power / Informal Anarchist Federation", Mexico City (Mexico) // 16/04 solidarity banner outside Evening Post media building in Bristol in "happy birthday" celebration for fugitive comrade Badger (UK) // report of 16/04 arrest of Ivan Silva and Carla Verdugo, anarchist comrades accused of being in the process of carrying out bomb attack, Santiago (Chile) // Zippo Circus vehicles sabotaged in London by "ALF" // JobCentre vehicle set on fire by "Fire Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation" in Cambridge, 17/04 (UK) // Banco de Chile branch in Santiago bombed by "Subversive Proletarian Faction for Freedom" // claim of arson of vehicles of National Telecommunications Organisation,19/04 Athens (Greece) // 4 anarchist comrades in Malang, East Java, arrested on 20/04 for vandalism (Indonesia) // Danish justice minister approves terror charges against 5 comrades // insiders report of clash during 20/04 demonstration against Plan Nord development project, Montreal (Canada) // solidarity demonstration in Peckham, London, with Greek anarchist prisoners on hunger strike, 21/04 (UK) // responsibility claim by "Informal Anarchist Federation / Fires on the Horizon" for 21/04 sabotage of tram lines in the south suburbs of Athens (Greece) //

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RSVP-5 pm Tues.A24. *Peter Tatchell@"Free Bradley Manning" Vigil U.S. embassy

23-04-2012 10:32

Peter Tatchell speaking at a previous event for Bradley Manning at US Embassy
****If you can't make it to the tribunal at Ft. Meade or the U.S. embassy in London, consider making a public stand for Bradley Manning on April 24th., 25th. or 26th. wherever you are - as he stands before a military tribunal that wishes to bury him alive!
Bradley has now been in military custody for over 700 days!

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The Hunger Games: An Alternative Media Movie Review

22-04-2012 21:14

This is not a typical movie review describing the movie, plot, characters, and themes, as well as celebritizing each actor by naming every other movie appeared in, etc., and yet have very “little” to say about how the movie might relate to real life. We will refer to an American writer, namely Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize winning author of several important books, to help contextual this movie. Herein we visit a few major “themes” as related to social and political issues in the real life of the audience as drama of human history including that as compares to ancient Rome.

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21 April: Live stream screening of 'The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning'

20-04-2012 15:23

There will be a screening of the sell-out play 'The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning' on Saturday 21 April at the Red and Black Umbrella squatted social centre in Cardiff.

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24 April: Cardiff solidarity action for Bradley Manning's next court appearance

19-04-2012 09:56

Previous Food Not Bombs event in solidarity with Bradley Manning (Dec 2011)
Food Not Bombs Cardiff, along with folk from WISE Up for Bradley Manning, Bradley Manning Support Events and others, will hold a 'Free Food, Free Bradley Manning' event outside Cardiff Central Market (entrance near St John's church) on Tuesday 24 April from midday. All welcome. Bradley Manning will be back in court in Fort Meade, Maryland from 24-26 April for a further pre-trial 'motions' hearing.