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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Peace Festival brings music & politics to heart of the city

24-09-2007 08:43

Some of the many stalls at the Peace Festival
On Saturday the CND-organised Peace & Ecology Festival, in St John's Gardens behind St George's Hall, proved a great attraction for crowds of people lured away from the usual consumer madness that is Liverpool city centre on a Saturday.

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The Statue of Liberty Should Weep

23-09-2007 23:19

When children fainted in school, the reason was usually: 'It's not my turn to eat today' - courtesy USA and Britain.

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Progress in Iraq: up to 80 US dead/month and rising

23-09-2007 19:47

A linear fit to the rate of killing US occupants in Iraq per month since May 2003 (excluding the initial invasion in March and April 2003) shows continued average progress, starting from about 40 US state terrorists killed per month and now at about 85 US state terrorists killed per month. The fit implies an average rate of killing 100 US state terrorists per month by the end of 2008. Data source:

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Who allies with whom against Iran?

23-09-2007 14:12

PKK, which increasingly consists (made to consist) of Kurds from Iran (and Syria), has been transformed into a subsidiary "organisation for attacking on Iran". This was done by the "host Iraqi Kurdish leaders", on "the master of the masters' " USA (and Israel) account.

Now they will also get the French [Prime Minister] Sarkozy, who "doesn't want Turkey in the EU", but clings to the USA and Israel and "wants an attack on Iran", to adopt a "carrots and sticks policy" towards Turkey. In other words, Sarkozy will use the EU as bait for our territory, airspace and bases.

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The Bitch in the Ditch vs. ''General Betray

23-09-2007 11:21

Captain May, the Internet intelligence writer, compars the kid glove treatment that General Petraeus has gotten from the media and Congress with the brass knuckles approach That the Bush League took to Cindy Sheehan back in the days of the original Camp Casey, where he was part of the antiwar forces assembled.

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General Dannatt: Most Iraqi militants 'not bad people'

22-09-2007 22:29

Although almost completely ignored by the UK Press, the head of UK Armed Forces, General Sir Richard Dannatt, has described the resistance in Iraq in terms that once more set him at odds with his political masters.

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Playing with Fire: The Story of Daniel McGowan, "eco-terrorism" and the Green Sc

22-09-2007 17:12

The Indypendent Cover
Growing up in New York City, Daniel McGowan saw first-hand how pollution fogged the air and fouled the beaches in some of the city’s poorest communities, setting him on a lifelong path of environmental and social justice. But how he ended up drenched in gasoline and setting fire to Oregon’s Jefferson Poplar Farms in 2001 and was later targeted as a “domestic terrorist” is the story of someone who cared too much and didn’t know what else to do.

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Another Neocon Fantasy: Iran Has Teamed Up with the Taliban

22-09-2007 10:12

Now we are expected to believe the Iranians want to sabotage this relationship by providing IEDs to the Taliban, not only staunch enemies of Karzai but Iran as well.

Does not compute. But then so much about the flaccid and utterly absurd neocon propaganda campaign against Iran does not compute, that is unless you buy into the up-is-down, black-is-white worldview of the Bushzarrians.

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The Call for a New 911 Campaign

22-09-2007 09:45

No more conspiraloons, no more "Illuminati", no more lizards, no more crazy.


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America's "Long War": The Legacy of the Iraq-Iran and Soviet-Afghan Wars

21-09-2007 20:58

On close inspection, a series of unfolding international events have been anticipated and systematically engineered since the end of the Cold War. The "long war" that is absorbing the globe did not start in 2001, but at the end of the Cold War through a continuum of wars and international events. A global war may have been initiated years before the declaration of the "Global War on Terror" and much of the globe may not have been aware of it.

Future historians may end up categorizing several wars going back to the Kosovo War of 1999 as different stages in one singular and "long war." Several fixtures of geo-strategic chess have been unfolding globally, in which the Middle East is one of the most important stages. As simple as it may sound, the endgame of this match of deadly chess is economic control and supremacy

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The Police State Is Right Here, Right Now

21-09-2007 06:07

As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such a twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air-however slight-lest we become unwilling victims of the darkness.

~Justice William O. Douglas~

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Greenspan, Kissinger: Oil Drives U.S. in Iraq, Iran

20-09-2007 22:00

Alan Greenspan had acknowledged what is blindingly obvious to those who live in the reality-based world: The Iraq War was largely about oil.

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Neocons and Israelis Condemn Iran for Vowing Self Defense

20-09-2007 21:51

Call it a rerun, so pathetically reminiscent of the transparent neocon one act plays conducted on the United Nations stage, primarily to lend a gleam of legitimacy to a series of war crimes. In fact, the neocons do not want sanctions against Iran—they want to flatten the country and kill as many Iranians as possible—and this time around they will not take their manufactured lies to the United Nations, as they ordered Colin Powell to present his ludicrous dog and pony show, complete with charts and test tubes.

In the waning hours of the Bush administration, they will simply attack Iran and leave the mess for Hillary to clean up.

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Craig Murray's web site: deleted by Fasthosts

20-09-2007 19:54

Craig Murray, the outspoken former British Ambassador in Uzbekistan has had his web site taken down by it's host, Fasthosts. This comes after an article by him attracted legal threats, "Alisher Usmanov, potential Arsenal chairman, is a Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist":

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Whose Security? What Intelligence? 7/7 Independent Public Inquiry Needed

20-09-2007 12:10

Whose Security? What Intelligence?
Public launch of new report: "Inside the Crevice: Islamist terror networks and the 7/7 intelligence failure", by Nafeez Ahmed

6.30-9pm Weds 3 October 2007

at Garden Court Chambers, Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC2 (Holborn tube station)

Chair: Frances Webber Garden Court Chambers

Speakers include:

Nafeez Ahmed Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD)

Detective Superintendent (ret.) Des Thomas former Deputy Head, CID Constabulary, Hampshire

Les Levidow CAMPACC

Rachel North 7/7 survivor, author, Out of the Tunnel

James Oury Oury Clark Solicitors, representing the 7/7 Inquiry Group

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“Ignominious” British in Basra

20-09-2007 10:10

The British government promoted its occupation of Basra as an exercise more sophisticated and intelligent than that conducted by its ally the US in Iraq. From the moment the British hunkered down in Basra after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq it seemed the British government and much of the mainstream media never missed a chance to boast of the softly-softly, ‘hearts and minds’ approach of its occupation. We were assured that this had everything to do with the experience it had gained in previous British military exploits, particularly in Northern Ireland, while the US were still learning lessons from their historic defeat in Vietnam. This projection of the fair-playing Brits was repeated ad naseum until a string of dramatic events took place in front of the world’s media which put an end to this myth making. Events such as prisoner and detainee abuse by British soldiers, and SAS special forces undercover operations apparently designed to foment civil strife, exposed the British army as no different to any other hostile military occupier. Everyone outside the Ministry of Defence and Cabinet agrees that the British ‘deployment’ from Basra Palace to the airport eleven kilometres out of the city is a defeat.

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Palestine: The Trademark of Resistance (by Latuff)

20-09-2007 07:56

Palestine: The Trademark of Resistance 1
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Deliberate Lies, Strange Deaths and Agression to the World Economy

19-09-2007 20:15

Fidel Castro denounced that the United States government is using unimaginable economic means to defend a right that violates the sovereignty of all the other countries.

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It’s Not About Oil, Stupid, but Flattening Arab and Muslim Countries

19-09-2007 11:43

As should be obvious, the invasion and occupation of Iraq—and the coming attack against Iran and Syria—is not “largely” about oil or even Israel’s “security.” It is about flattening Arab and Muslim societies and reshuffling the charred and blood-spattered remains into splintered, emasculated, and “failed” vassal states.

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“Scotland’s first home grown Islamic terrorist”

19-09-2007 09:57

After a 4 week trial and a 9 hour jury deliberation, Scotland has its first home grown Islamic terrorist plot and plotter.