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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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The need for United Front in the Filipino People’s Democratic Revolution

26-03-2014 04:41

The Filipino people’s democratic revolution constantly needs the revolutionary united front because this is the effective way to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of the Filipino people in their millions in order to advance and win total victory. The need for the united front is more urgent than ever as the socio-economic and political crisis is rapidly worsening and inflicting intolerable suffering on the Filipino people and they must intensify their struggle against those who exploit and oppress them.

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NATO's Rape of Yugoslavia

25-03-2014 23:17

March 24, 1999 will go down in history as a day of infamy. US-led NATO raped Yugoslavia. Doing so was its second major combat operation. It was lawless aggression. No Security Council resolution authorized it. NATO's Operation Allied Force lasted 78 days. Washington called it Operation Noble Anvil. Evil best describes it. On June 10, operations ended. From March 1991 through mid-June 1999, Balkan wars raged. Yugoslavia "balkanized" into seven countries. They include Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.

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Support vigils at HMP Wandsworth for jailed war resister Fr Martin Newell

18-03-2014 09:29

Fr Martin being arrested after daubing message in ash on Ministry of Defence
Via London Catholic Worker:

Fr Martin Newell is currently serving a 28 day prison sentence in HMP Wandsworth for non-payment of fines resulting from acts of peaceful protest.

(See: )

Members of the London Catholic Worker are organising vigils outside Wandsworth prison at the following times:

Tuesday 18th March at 2pm
Saturday 22nd March at 1pm

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Fr Martin Newell jailed for unpaid peace protest fines

16-03-2014 12:14

Fr Martin being arrested after daubing message in ash on Ministry of Defence
Letters/cards and messages of support can be sent to:

Martin Newell

HMP Wandsworth

PO Box 757

Heathfield Road

London SW18 3HS

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When Chavez died, Washington celebrated

15-03-2014 10:20

Venezuela Also Is Being Overthrown By The Criminal Regime In Washington — Dear Readers, now that US Secretary of State John Kerry has issued an ultimatum to Russia, telling Putin that he has until Monday to follow Washington’s orders or else, hopefully everyone can see the repeat of the March of Folly that produced World War 1. In my last column, “Merkel Whores For Washington,” I mistakenly attributed to Khrushchev all transfers of Russian territory to Ukraine.

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Ashton Must Go !

14-03-2014 19:44

Dame Ashcan
Never mind the missing plane thats not up in the sky. The real drama is down here on earth with the historic re-nazification of europe under IG Farben's Angel (of Death) Merkel and the unmasked USSA.

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Half-Crimean single mum in Bristol discusses Ukraine crisis

12-03-2014 00:26

Audio production resource & archive: Founded in 2002 Dialect was Bristol UK's first podcast. Public service

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12 March: Wandsworth - Ben Griffin of Veterans for Peace speaks about Pvt Chelsea Manning

10-03-2014 15:22

The Cost of Exposing the Truth: The Case of Pvt Manning

with speaker Ben Griffin of Veterans for Peace UK.

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YOU CANNOT DIE IN HELL: Using Indefinite Detention for Political and Religious P

09-03-2014 22:57

Once you are born a creature (and irrespective of your personal circumstances which can vary greatly) that is as you were forced into existence (not by any choice on your part but according to European religious dogma originating in the Middle East) not just for a lifetime on earth but also forever after by some notion of an immortal soul, so then you are also forced into an immortality (almost like a vampire who too can never truly die in literature) and irrespective of however terrifying such an immortality might present itself. “What kind of God (or Yahweh) would put a soul, any soul (no matter how supposedly evil in human terms) into an eternal length of torture—and never having to contemplate acquiescence—what kind of compassion is that? This is as extreme of cruelty and barbarity as one could espouse. Such cosmic outcome, supposedly as Divine Justice, doesn’t even reach the categories of mere human ideas to justice.

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Killing Hope

09-03-2014 10:14

US Military and CIA Interventions
U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II ...... Is the United States a force for democracy? In this classic and unique volume that answers this question, William Blum serves up a forensic overview of U.S. foreign policy spanning sixty years. For those who want the details on our most famous actions (Chile, Cuba, Vietnam, to name a few), and for those who want to learn about our lesser-known efforts (France, China, Bolivia, Brazil, for example), this book provides a window on what our foreign policy goals really are.

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Ukraine is a burp of what USA did in Syria

08-03-2014 10:19

The XI Paralympic Winter Games are opening in Sochi today, March 7th. As many as 600 athletes from 45 countries will take part in the competitions. For the first time in the history of Paralympic Winter Games, athletes from Brazil, Turkey and Uzbekistan will be presented. Within ten days, they will compete for 72 sets of medals in alpine skiing, biathlon, cross country skiing ice sledge hockey, and wheelchair curling.

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Ukraine: US, EU, Look in the Mirror !

06-03-2014 21:50

Ukraine: Don't Blame President Putin - US, EU, Look in the Mirror. ......... "If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you ..." ("If", Rudyard Kipling, 1865-1936.) The delusional and mind stretching hypocrisy of Western leaders and spokespeople regarding the outcome of external meddling in the Ukraine increasingly mirrors King George 111 whose: "life and reign were marked by a series of military conflicts involving his kingdoms, much of the rest of Europe, and places farther afield in Africa, the Americas and Asia ..."

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On Ukraine, Ashton & Paet Discussed ... audio!

06-03-2014 10:34

On Ukraine, Ashton & Paet Discussed "Same Snipers" Shooting Both Sides ...... On Ukraine more leaked audio has emerged on YouTube, in what we're calling Kwikileaks, of the EU's Catherine Ashton and Estonia's Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. Click here for audio , particularly from Minute 8:30.

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UG#677 - The New Pearl Harbor 1 (Air Defence, Hijackers & Aircraft)

05-03-2014 18:20

This week, a radio adaptation of part 1 of a new video by Massimo Mazzucco. Short on conjecture and theorizing, long on salient facts, The New Pearl Harbor is the best and most up to date general 9/11 video I have yet come across. This first part focuses on the shortcomings of the official conspiracy narrative in the areas of the US air defense, the '19 hijackers' and the airplanes themselves.

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Overthrowing other people’s governments ...

03-03-2014 11:19

Overthrowing other people’s governments
Overthrowing other people’s governments: The Master List ...... Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government) ........ :

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Ukraine, Putin won't shrug off Kiev coup: Martin Summers

02-03-2014 21:33

Kiev coup was one helluva provocation - let's hope Putin doesn't overreact

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From Riyadh to Beirut, Fear of Syria Blowback

02-03-2014 10:09

The once-tranquil, religiously mixed village of Bisariyeh is seething: Two of its young men who fought alongside the rebels in Syria recently returned home radicalized and staged suicide bombings in Lebanon.

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Moazzam Begg arrested for uncovering Western complicity in rendition and torture

26-02-2014 00:08

(London) CAGE is outraged by the arrest of our Outreach Director, Moazzam Begg. A former Guantanamo Bay detainee, he has been campaigning for due process and the human rights of victims, despite suffering over three years of torture and abuse by the US government with the complicity of the British security services.

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Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, jailed for 35 yrs, receives a family visit to prison + the Sam Adams Award

24-02-2014 09:14

Private Manning

Responsible for probably the most significant information leak in military history, Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning was sentenced in August 2013 to 35 years in a US military jail.

The Private Manning Family Fund was set up to support Manning's Welsh-Irish family with the cost of prison visits to Leavenworth, Kansas. The family has previously self-funded four trips to the US but this time all flights were paid for by PMFF. We feel this is one practical way we can show our solidarity with Manning here in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England.

Last week, Manning was awarded in absentia the Sam Adams Prize for Integrity in Intelligence at the Oxford Union. Report here. Photos in this article are mainly from this event and solidarity on the streets of Oxford beforehand.