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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Straight Talk on Gaza

18-11-2012 09:25

Palestine's democratically elected government is targeted. West Bank coup d'etat authority has no legitimacy. Abbas' term as president expired in January 2009. Israel rigged his 2005 election. What's ongoing is illegal aggressive war. Israeli provocations caused it. Israel's entire history reflects belligerence. It lives by the sword. It's a modern-day Sparta. Operation Pillar of Cloud was planned months ago. All military campaigns take many weeks or months of planning. Attacking Gaza coincides with Israel's January elections.

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Solidarity action for Gaza outside Wrexham's Barclays Bank

17-11-2012 22:12

A small group gathered outside Barclays Bank in Wrexham this morning to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

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Gaza Bombing Demo 16th November 2012

17-11-2012 20:14

Protest held in Birmingham, supporting Gaza and Palestinian victims of Zionist butchery.

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Live English TV news from central Gaza City, by Harry Fear.. Breaking News.

17-11-2012 16:08

Operation Pillar of Cloud @ USTREAM: Live English TV news from central Gaza City, by Harry Fear.. Breaking News.

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Recent attacks by anarcho-insurrectionary cells (global)

16-11-2012 21:35

communiques from 'International Conspiracy for Revenge / FAI-IRF' for arson of school and bombing of bourgeois bar, Manado (Indonesia) // communique from Hamburg (Germany) about various attacks in solidarity with the struggling people in Greece // claim by 'Anti-Surveillance Cores' for arson of security van in Bristol (UK) // 'Wild Hogs / ALF-FAI' claim responsibility for hunt sab actions, Tver (Russia) // 'IRF-CCF / Revolutionary Groups for the Dispersion of Terror' claim arson of supermarket and postbank in Athens (Greece) // - 'Wolfpack, ELF/ALF-Russia, Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)' communique for animal liberation actions // 'Fires on the Horizon / FAI' claim for arson of security company, Athens (Greece) // sources of counter info & translation:, and

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Tony Blair at UCL - No Comeback for the War Criminal

03-11-2012 17:20

The pro-Thatcherite, monetarist and war criminal Tony Blair is back in London, speaking at University College London. Join the protest on the day of Blair's visit to make sure his crimes aren't forgotten. Meet outside the main gates of the UCL campus on Gower Street at 11am on the 13th November.

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the Bristol City Mayor Fix-Up

01-11-2012 15:32

Boris Johnson
Bristol is being dragged into a bogus Mayor election that is attemting to pass over sixty percent of the electoral power over to one individual which in the modern world is considered either ludicrous or a regime and in historic terms, it was known as feudal. The article is written by Dave Dobbs who is running for Bristol Mayor who is running as a protest to the stupidity and to highlight why the Government wants Bristol under corporate lockdown seeming as it is one of the major locations that drones are now manufactured in the UK. And the prospect of war that now looms.

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The Benghazi Brigade - Manipulating an Election

27-10-2012 13:54

Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih is the guy legally responsible for Media for Christ, the outfit that produced the trailer without a film known as Innocence of Muslims. He is very close to one Morris Sadek (lives near Langley) who is the guy that plugged the incendiary trailer all over the place in the days preceding September 11, 2012. Abdelmasih has done a lot of Islamophobic "activism" like saying, at a Ground Zero Mosque rally, that it would go up over his dead body. So, we have one guy making the film and generating anti-Muslim sentiment here at home and his buddy out there, dutifully, fanning the flames of anti-American and anti-Christian and (scapegoating an Israeli for the film-not-film) anti-Jewish sentiment abroad. Why, then, has the media ignored these two figures? It's just the tip of the iceberg or, if you prefer, rabbit hole.

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Protesting drones at RAF Waddington, Lincs. Some photos

26-10-2012 22:15

Twelve people demonstrated outside the main entrance to RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire today in response to the RAF's announcement that Britain is doubling its fleet of armed Reaper Drones from five to ten. While the demonstration was going on outside, the RAF was holding a ceremony to 'stand-up' its new drone squadron inside the base.

After the demonstration, we went round the other side of the base to meet Helen John who has been maintaining a one-woman anti-drone peace camp at Waddington for months.

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Drone information stall in Wrexham: report and photos

25-10-2012 14:53

As the RAF announces that it is doubling the number of armed Reaper Drones it operates in Afghanistan and serious questions are being raised about British involvement in drone warfare, including at the High Court in London, Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum held an information stall today to raise public awareness of the issues.

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We are Borjan, Sardar Wali and Khan Bibi

25-10-2012 06:19

Children under attack in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Drone wars info stall Wrexham Thu / demo at RAF Waddington Lincs Fri

24-10-2012 21:07

RAF Reaper armed UAV (drone)

This week, the issue of drone warfare has reached the High Courts (and the mainstream media) in both the UK [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] and Pakistan; the UK is about to double its fleet of armed drones and begin to operate the new drones from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire; and more people have been killed and injured in another drone attack in Pakistan.

Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum will have an information stall on drones outside Wrexham Library on Thursday 25 October between 11.45am and 1.15pm.

There will be a demonstration at RAF Waddington main gates between 12 noon and 2pm on Friday 26 October called by Drone Wars UK. This will take place as the RAF holds a ceremony to 'stand-up' its new drones squadron, 13 Squadron.

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"Vigil for Iran"

23-10-2012 15:10

Peace Strike petition to No 10 Downing Street.
We build this campaign in solidarity with the people of the Middle East. The desire to create peace is the objective, with the aim of preventing an attack on Iran.

Weekly Vigil at Parliament Square, London SW1A OAA


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Statement on the true role of the EU against the "Nobel Peace Prize" celebration

15-10-2012 15:23

Criminal EU Elites poster
A statement and poster about the real role of the European Union in the criminal Wars of the Transnational Elite, as well as in the Economic Wars launched against the European Peoples today.

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Malala Yousafzai a Fighter For Socialism

11-10-2012 13:42

Malala Yousufzai speaking at the Marxist school in SWAT
The suffering of the people of Pakistan is largely unknown in the West. A veil of silence has been carefully drawn over the number of people killed every day by American drones and Taliban murders. But recently a small corner of the curtain was raised as the result of a particularly appalling event

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Extradition: Judiciary Aborts British Civil Rights

08-10-2012 17:23

Human Rights campaigners demonstrating infront of the RCJ, London, 5th Oct 2012
On 5th October 2012, Human Rights campaigners gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, awaiting the final verdict, on the extensive legal battle challenging the extraditions of British Citizens to the U.S. A short film documenting the public solidarity stand can be viewed here -

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Turkish jets bombers targets Kurdistan region in North of Iraq

06-10-2012 17:06

Brutality of Turkish War machine
last night Turkish warplanes bombed areas of Kurdistan

Turkish warplanes struck around midnight against several areas in the Kurdish Iraqi area,

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Who stopped police helicopter from pursuing Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik?

29-09-2012 20:08

Oslo policewoman Britt Borve
Despite having his number plate phoned in the Oslo police failed to follow Anders Breivik on 22/7 from Oslo to Utoya island. But was that a genuine error or part of a wider operation to paralyse national police reaction including spies and agents within the Norwegian security forces?
Oslo Police Department's Operation Leader Britt Børve, Britt Borve - it appears blocked the anti-terror DELTA force pursuit of pro-Zionist, anti-Muslim 'crusader' terrorist Anders Breivik. Her identity has been hidden from press and public, only her initials were revealed, but looks likely according to those in the know that it was indeed her that twice blocked requests for the helicopter.

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Report from 27 Sep Veterans for Peace Drones protest at General Atomics

29-09-2012 16:15

Report from Veterans for Peace UK on last Thursday's Drones protest at General Atomics in London. A protest was held the same day by US Veterans for Peace at General Atomics, San Diego.

Background info:

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9 Oct at Menwith Hill: The Faceless Face of US Military Drones

27-09-2012 07:38

The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) will be marking Keep Space for Peace Week and Ground the Drones Week of Action at Menwith Hill during its weekly Tuesday vigil from 6-8pm on Tuesday 9 October in an event entitled The Faceless Face of US Military Drones. CAAB will be joined by Yorkshire CND's recycle the bases cyclists on a three day ride from Whitby to Menwith Hill via Fylingdales.