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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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"Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo." - New documentary on UK tour

23-02-2010 18:00

Focuses on prisoners whose torture has been exposed by UK courts and is being investigated by police

Former prisoner Omar Deghayes and journalist Andy Worthington will be speaking at screenings across the country

"Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo" is a new documentary film, directed by filmmaker Polly Nash and journalist Andy Worthington (author of The Guantánamo Files). The film focuses on the stories of three particular prisoners - Shaker Aamer (who is still held), Binyam Mohamed (released in 2009) and Omar Deghayes (released in 2007) - and the tour coincides with a mounting scandal involving British complicity in torture, which focuses on Shaker Aamer and Binyam Mohamed.

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Mossad Death Squads (by Latuff)

22-02-2010 21:21

Mossad Death Squads
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Never Mind the B*****s?

22-02-2010 18:00

I have been further arrested on two separate occasions for public expression of "bollocks" and "blair". Both cases were dropped on the date of trial under somewhat convenient circumstances, the CPS offering no evidence. The first case was dropped the week the Sex Pistols released their 3oth anniversay edition of the album "Never Mind the Bollocks - Here's the Sex Pistols". The second case was to be attended by Lady mary Warnock, picking up the torch of common sense from Professor Kingsley and QC John Mortimer who valiantly defended our right to use that Saxon Age old word of bollocks.

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Report and photos of Scotland United Against Racism and Fascism march and rally

22-02-2010 00:32

A report and 20 photos of the anti-racism march and rally in Edinburgh on Saturday 20th February 2010

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Killing them with kindness

21-02-2010 14:58

Poem based on actual recent news events from Afghanistan

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U.S. – Iran Power Struggle over Iraq

18-02-2010 09:57

A secure, stable and democratic Iraq will have first to wait for an end to the raging power struggle over Iraq between the United States and Iran inside and outside the occupied Arab country.

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Worldwide: war is illegal action

15-02-2010 10:47

War is illegal
Spread the word! The US military/corporate empire is destined to crumble. Come be part of a historic action!

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More civilian deaths as US launches offensive in southern Afghanistan

15-02-2010 09:11

In what is likely to be the first of many such atrocities, two US military rockets slammed into a house near Marjah, the target of the current offensive, killing 12 people. US military authorities admitted that the victims were innocent civilians sheltering in their own home, as they had been advised to do by US and NATO officials.

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What Do Empires Do?

14-02-2010 23:39

When I wrote my book Against Empire in 1995, as might be expected, some of my U.S. compatriots thought it was wrong of me to call the United States an empire. It was widely believed that U.S. rulers did not pursue empire; they intervened abroad only out of self-defense or for humanitarian rescue operations or to overthrow tyranny, fight terrorism, and propagate democracy.

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Obama Radically Advances The Great American Tradition Of Committing Mass Murder

13-02-2010 17:29

By unleashing this new generation of American, Canadian and British etc. mass murderers on the town of Marjah in Helmand province in Afghanistan, Barrack Obama continues to prove that he is just as much a tool of Yankee Imperialism as was George W. Bush.

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Binyam Mohamed: Evidence of Torture by US Agents Revealed in UK

13-02-2010 00:15

Binyam Mohamed in July 2009, after his release from Guantanamo

Three senior UK judges on Wednesday ordered the British government to publicly disclose previously classified information that reveals how Binyam Mohamed, a British resident, was tortured by the CIA while in Pakistani custody in April and May 2002.

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Neoconservatives: They Live

12-02-2010 22:24

Despite his campaign promises, over a year into his presidency, Obama has been unable to deliver the change that Americans and the world alike had hoped for. Part of the problem is that neocon ideology is alive and well, reaching into the corridors of the Whitehouse, and dominating the airwaves.

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Oxford Brookes Human rights film fest 2010

12-02-2010 13:49

26th February - 5th March 2010

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Truth in the Service of Empire: Response to Yvonne Ridley's 'Truth...US justice'

11-02-2010 23:55

In my view, the prima facie “Truth about US justice” is that “truth” is in the service of empire! The madam Ambassador of the United States to Pakistan has only executed the core purpose of her diplomatic post rather faithfully in the service of her empire. “Truth” in these times, like everything else, including science, politics, history, literature, cinema, and of course political-science, is continually put in the diabolical service of empire. And perhaps the Brits might actually know this better than the rest of the world put together!

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Defending Moazzam Begg and Amnesty International

11-02-2010 23:31

Just when it seemed that Republicans in America had a monopoly on Islamophobic hysteria, the Sunday Times prompted a torrent of similar hysteria in the UK by running an article in which an employee of Amnesty International — Gita Sahgal, head of the gender unit at the International Secretariat — criticized the organization that employed her for its association with former Guantánamo prisoner Moazzam Begg.

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Editorial: Iranian Expatriates in America – The New 'House Negroes' ?

10-02-2010 22:41

While this editorial is addressing the Iranian Expats in the United States tickled by a 'freedom' event held in San Jose, California this past weekend, the substance of the editorial is pertinent to all Iranian Expats worldwide, especially those chanting "Azadi" for Iran while silently spectating the rapid construction of police-state in their adopted Western nation.