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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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End the War in Afghanistan, Downing Street, London - Pictures

08-05-2010 17:46

In the Belly of the Beast.
As the British political system cartwheels into chaos after the return of a hung Parliament, Anti-war campaigner Maria Gallastegui manages to take the message of peace directly to the heart of the seat of Government, entirely on her own.

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Film Night in Southampton this Sunday

07-05-2010 11:04

Subvert The City Arts Collective presents a double feature film night raising money for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Day by Day - The Story of a 13 year old Afghan boy's journey to Calais

06-05-2010 12:26

This is a typical story of a migrants journey from Afghanistan to Calais

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Democracy Village, Parliament Square, London - Pictures.

05-05-2010 12:11

A Very Weak Government.
As the British General Election of 2010 draws to an end and the people prepare to vote, and after nine years of a now financially ruinous war, Parliament Square swells with a new Democracy Village formed to bring UK involvement in the war in Afghanistan to an end.

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Parliament Square Democracy Village - Day 4 pics

05-05-2010 07:15

Tent Village
Pics from Democracy Village on Tuesday, 4 May 2010

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Obama and Iran: All "options" are on the table...(by Latuff)

05-05-2010 07:10

Warmonger Obama and his "options"...
Artwork originally produced for Iranian newspaper Jame-Jam.

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US targeting Iranian nuclear program (by Latuff)

04-05-2010 03:11

US targeting Iranian nuclear program.
Cartoon for Iranian newspaper Jame Jam.

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Mayday in Parliament Square, Peace Camp, London. - Pictures

02-05-2010 12:04

The Red Horse.
As the British General Election enters its last week before the people go to the polls to elect a new Government, the Parliament Square Peace Camp swells with supporters and campaigners on the traditional workers day of Mayday.

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26 June - 1 July: Afghanistan Peace Walk

30-04-2010 18:10

Stop Bombing Afghanistan
A five-day walk from London to Colchester in Support of Joe Glenton.

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Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation, Home Office - Pictures

30-04-2010 18:04

Confronting the Home Office.
For the second time in as many weeks supporters and campaigners gather outside the UK Home Office to implore what remains of the British Government to halt the deportation of Bita Ghaedi back to Iran.

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Free Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo Bay, London - Pictures.

25-04-2010 14:11

No injustice can last forever.
Campaigners gather outside Downing Street to bring attention to the case of Shaker Aamer, a detainee who is the last British citizen to remain in incarceration at the notorious US military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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Deportation to Gaza Ghetto (by Latuff)

24-04-2010 03:19

Holocaust-Déjà vu
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US-backed IsraHell's state terror.

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yes sir. NO SIR! - Private Joe Glenton - Witness Statement of defence

22-04-2010 14:39

It's all bollocks - Charity Sweet

This is the defence statement of Private Joe Glenton that the defence did not offer the courts? Y? Please copy and post this statement on any and every site you can find to support this real hero... perhaps lay a flower at the foot of Parliament in memory of those fallen heros and all the lost lives of children of war. "All war is wrong." - Joe Glenton

(Details of judicial corruption to follow shortly regarding his appeal 4 justice that fell on deaf war-mongering ears.)

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Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation, Home Office, London - pictures

19-04-2010 18:10

The Redundant Home Office!
The day before her deportation takes place, supporters of Bita Ghaedi gather in London to object to her forced removal to Iran. Bita is an Iranian woman who has been living in the UK and campaigning against chronic human rights abuses committed in Iran during recent Pro-Democracy protests.

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The USA Took My Freedom Away

17-04-2010 01:00

The U.S. Government’s attack on it’s citizens and the Bill of Rights. A Music Video.

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Emergency, Bita Ghaedi arrested this morning.

16-04-2010 10:34

Bita Campaigning in Downing Street.
This morning (16th April 2010) at 7am, nine police and UK Border agency officers broke into Bita Ghaedi's home and forcibly arrested her. She has been removed to the infamous Yarls Wood detention centre and has been scheduled to be removed to Iran on 20th April 2010. If this removal is successful, the British Government will have condemned this woman to certain death.

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Counter Terror Expo at Olympia Exposed

14-04-2010 21:14

clean the blood
A peaceful protest took place outside the Counter Terror Expo at Olympia against the profits made from terrorising people around the world and the increasing use of surveillance systems to control and document our lives. London, UK. 14/04/2010 Photographs copyright (C) 2010 Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.