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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Demo:8th Anniversary of Guantánamo Bay:11 January:12.30-2pm: US Embassy

07-01-2010 13:56

Demonstration to mark the 8th anniversary of Guantánamo Bay and call for liberty and justice for prisoners held there

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petition against body scanners

06-01-2010 20:01

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to halt the installment of body scanners in airports.

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Sample email and phone statement for Egyptian Embassy and MPs

06-01-2010 13:00

Here is a sample telephone statement to say when you call the egyptian embassy. The egyptian embassy has stated they have received many calls and emails. I asked approximately how many calls and emails they've received this morning. he sounded fed up and said he can't disclose except saying they've received "a lot". I read the statement and as soon as he heard the words viva palestina he put the phone down, but never hung up, he walked away from the phone. I could hear talking and phones ringing in the background. After 20 seconds he returned back to the phone, and I continued reading my statement he sounded now really annoyed probably having expected me to hang up. After reading my statement I asked him how my raised concerns would be next processed, he said he had no power and that he said if you email it would forwarded to the relevant authority who would do something about it.

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Counter Terror Expo Take Two: G4S Technology

05-01-2010 21:55

In the lead up to the Counter Terror Expo in April 2010, Corporate Watch is taking a closer look at the companies helping to create, and profiting from, the terror/security culture (see the previous article at The trade fair, which is taking place at Kensington Olympia in London, is an opportunity to make huge profits for any company that can link its products to Western governments' 'wars on terror'. Amongst the 250 exhibitors are several companies developing security systems using biometric technologies and increasingly oppressive surveillance systems, bidding for lucrative contracts to create state-of-the-art security systems, for both state agencies and private clients.

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Is the Nigerian bomber story a racist hoax?

05-01-2010 20:03

The Nigerian bombers story is full of holes and increasingly subject to criticism from such commentators as the US-based Black Agenda Report, Pan African News Wire, Mathaba News and also Veterans Today and Alex Jones. In fact, the story we have been told is not what happened.

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Heads in the Sand? Or, Why Don’t Governments Talk about Peak Oil?

05-01-2010 18:07

There is a train crash about to happen from an energy point of view. But politicians everywhere seem to have entirely missed the scale of the problem… [G]overnments and multilateral agencies have failed to recognize the imminence and scale of the global oil supply crunch, and most of them remain completely unprepared for its consequences.1

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Crimestoppers article on "MI5 Dirty tactics" in Camden

05-01-2010 03:27

Crimestoppers have written a shock article about the dirty tactics employed by MI5 in Camden. They have encouraged Camden residents including and especially people in gangs or from the Somalian community to report MI5 to crimestoppers following reports of harrasment by MI5 in The Indpendent newspaper. Somalian people in Camden have been subjected to appalling and relentless harrassment.

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Anti Iranian Regime protests, Iranian Embassy, London - pictures.

04-01-2010 20:51

Pro-democracy protester injured.
As the new year starts, Iranian pro-democracy campaigners gather outside the Iranian embassy in Princes Gate, London, to call for an end to the brutal suppression of those in Iran taking part in opposition rallies against the Mollah regime.

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NYE Solidarity Action at Horfield Prison, Bristol

03-01-2010 23:43

01 Jan 2010
Horfield Prison, Bristol, UK.

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Is Yemen Next?

03-01-2010 11:35

Using the threat of terror to invade Yemen? Would you be surprised?

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Los Angeles police beat and detain British activist protesting new war in Yemen

03-01-2010 03:29

A British national from London (who wishes to not have his name revealed) was viciously beaten by LAPD while attempting a one-man protest against the recent escalating threat of a new US-British front for war in Yemen.

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Afghan resistance kill CIA agents

31-12-2009 15:03

A SPECTACULAR blow has been struck by the Afghan resistance against the US occupying forces in the final days of 2009.

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Happy 2010 from Obama (by Latuff)

31-12-2009 02:01

Happy 2010 from Obama!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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US' Next War Target: YEMEN

30-12-2009 17:43

Northern Yemen Tribes
Yemen is US' Next Target on War Against Terrorism ... Obama promised to crush Al-Qaeda in Yemen ... The US government announced its relentless commitments to crush terrorists in Yemen. Yesterday, Barack Obama promised ‘accelerated offensive’ against militants in Yemen by citing the example of a 23-year-old Nigerian who supposedly wanted to bomb a US bound airliner. The president of that North American country said he would commit ‘every element of national power’ to perform another mission in the Middle East, a region which holds huge oil and gas reserves. But many experts have questioned Washington's seemingly aggressive military drive into the Middle East as whether it is designed to destroy the Al-Qaeda militants or just making up excuses to boost military presence to control vital energy resources.

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Christmas in Parliament Square

30-12-2009 16:17

An account of the ongoing peace camapign of Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker in London's Parliament Square with 20 photos

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Obama New Year's Eve (by Latuff)

30-12-2009 16:03

From Obama with love...
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Aminatou is home - don't look away now

24-12-2009 18:54

Aminatou at Lanzarote airport where she staged her 32 day hunger strike
The return of Saharawi hunger striker Aminatou Haidar to Western Sahara is, in her own words, a victory for ‘international law, for human rights, for international justice’. However, the battle is far from over. Now that Morocco's human rights standards have been thrust into the spotlight, the UN and the EU must fulfill their obligations to end human rights abuses in occupied Western Sahara and bring justice to the Saharawi people.

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Elijah Smith 11 months locked up without a trial

23-12-2009 01:14

The 18th December marks 11 months on remand for EDO Decommissioner Elijah (James) Smith. That’s 11 months locked away in a shitty little cell, deprived of all his freedom, and without any opportunity to argue his case in court. 11 months in prison without actually being found guilty of anything.

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Sample Letters 4 ur MP against Israeli War Criminal

17-12-2009 13:39

please send the below articles to your mp to sign

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Charter to Kabul/ regular charter from UK

15-12-2009 21:00

There are regular charter flights from UK to Kabul, usually every Tuesday, this for instance is the 'usual' Tuesday run picking up a few Afghans in France.