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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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How Does the US' Ostensibly Public Media Violate Journalistic Ethics?

09-06-2010 13:36

NATO countries have ostensibly democratic media promoting the violence in Afghanistan. The UK and US are no exception. In the US, NPR has totally
censored the overwhelming opposition to the Obama wars.

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Israel refuses to lift blockade of Gaza (by Latuff)

07-06-2010 13:31

US backed Israeli blockade of Gaza
(Cartoon for free reproduction in newspapers, magazines, blogs)

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National March Against the Gaza Flotilla Deaths, London - Pictures

07-06-2010 13:09

End of the Line.
A week after Israel forcibly prevents the Gaza aid flotilla from breaking the long-standing blockade of Gaza, the British people gather in London to hold a National march and rally to protest the violence used by Israeli soldiers which ended with the deaths of nine peace activists on board vessels making up the flotilla.

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Obama sharply increases secret military operations

06-06-2010 20:44

The Obama administration has sharply increased the use of US Special Operations forces in secret military interventions around the world, according to a report Thursday by the Washington Post.

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Iran's islamic troops has entered North of Iraq territory in pursuit of Kurdi

05-06-2010 13:35

Islamic regime troops
A small unit of Iran's troops has entered Kurdistan territory in pursuit of Kurdish rebels in the north of Iraq, officials in Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region said on Friday. Skip related content

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(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) Israel threatens to board the Rachel Corrie (by Latuff)

05-06-2010 09:31

Israel threatens to board the Rachel Corrie
(Cartoon for free reproduction in newspapers, magazines, blogs)

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Smash EDO events for the next week

04-06-2010 12:24

Support is needed for the decommissioners during next week as the trial finally kicks off. Come along if you can.

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URGENTcartoon for free reproduction: Netanyahu, Bloodthirsty pirate (by Latuff)

04-06-2010 07:18

Netanyahu, Bloodthirsty pirate
(Artwork for free reproduction in magazines, newspapers, blogs)

Full article | 2 comments - new media library on Israel; currently Gaza Flotilla archive

03-06-2010 06:16 is a new media library project that plans to publish a series of both topic-specific and current event-focused archive websites, with the help of the pro-Palestinian community and beyond.

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European Campaign: Fleet of Freedom 2

02-06-2010 15:02

`The European Campaign`: Funds are secured for the first three ships of the fleet of `Freedom 2` ... The "European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza", announced that it already obtain the funding of the first three ships of the new fleet which will go to the Gaza Strip, which will be named "fleet of Freedom 2", related to the name of the First Fleet, who was exposed to piracy and a bloody massacre by Israel against the peace activists on board.

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Craig Murray: "Israeli Murders, NATO and Afghanistan"

02-06-2010 13:09

This extremely important view about the abominable Israeli aggression against the Gaza flotilla explains the significant private disagreements developing inside NATO as a result. It is written by ex British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, who since he was dismissed for opposing British complicity with torture, has become an outspoken critic of murderous British and US-centric foreign policy.

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Glasgow Flotilla massacre protest

01-06-2010 21:46

pics from the glasgow protest, george square, against the flotilla massacre.

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800 Protest against Israel’s massacre on the high seas in Manchester

01-06-2010 12:23

Over 800 people gathered outside the BBC in Manchester in what was an angry and determined protest. Everyone gathered was outraged by the massacre committed by the Israeli military against aid workers bound for Gaza aboard a humanitarian flotilla organised by activists, MEP’s, trade unionists and journalists from across the world.

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Israeli claims weapons were onboard

01-06-2010 11:56

Aids for Gaza: TOYS for CHILDREN
Customs officials deny Israeli claims weapons were onboard ......... The flotilla of three cargo ships and three passenger ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid including food supply, cement, building materials and toys for children. Turkish officials have denied claims leveled by Israeli authorities that weapons were onboard one of the six aid ships attacked by Israel on Monday. ... Officials from the Customs Undersecretariat said every passenger was searched before getting on the ship with the help of X-ray machines and metal detectors. Senior officials from the undersecretariat said Israel's allegations were tantamount to “complete nonsense.”

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Oil Leaks in the Gulf of Mexico & Niger Delta: Double Standard World Racism

01-06-2010 02:12

In the mirror of Africa, in the darkness of the oily mess, we can already see the black future of globalization.

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Galway Gaza M&S demo

31-05-2010 20:28

Riders from the Merthyr to Mayo ride blockaded Galway's branch of Marks and Spencer with bikes today, in protest at the killing of international activists and the ongoing siege of Gaza.

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Global moment of silence - Friday, 12:00 GMT

31-05-2010 20:03

Our warmest condolances go out to the families who lost their loved ones today when the flotilla was attacked.

We propose a global moment of silence this Friday at noon Greenwich time to mourn our collective loss, and unify ourselves globally against ALL repression, no matter the place, language, "nationality", creed, gender, identity, etc., of the person who suffers repression.

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Brighton Protests Against Israels Murder of Gaza Convoy

31-05-2010 16:46

Brighton Protests Against Israel's murder of 20 internationals on freedom flotilla to Gaza.

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Fried Clegg: Will Lib Dem deputy Prime Minister speak out over Gaza peace killin

31-05-2010 11:40

Pressure is mounting on deputy prime minister Nick Clegg to speak out against the killing of 19 protesters on the Freedom Flotilla - following his own demands for tougher action against the Israeli blockade of Palestine.

The Liberal Democrat has not yet spoken out to condemn the raiding of the boats and death of unarmed civilian peace protesters. Today's events could cause a serious rift in the coalition Government with the pro-Israeli Conservatives.

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BASTARDS! Gaza aid flotilla attacked by Israel! (by Latuff)

31-05-2010 05:42

I beg you all of you that make this tragedy circulate ad nauseam
through the Internet along my cartoon. People are free for reproducing
it on blogs, papers, magazines, TV, everywhere.