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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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How to win the Nobel Peace Prize by Zahir Ebrahim

10-10-2009 03:05

Pardon me if I am not tripping all over myself congratulating the “peace prize” winners!

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Joke of the year...Obama, Nobel PEACE Laureate!!! (by Latuff)

09-10-2009 15:35

Obama wins Nobel PEACE Prize!!!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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UK artists stand together to fight injustice against students

08-10-2009 15:33

Flyer front
Birmingham based creative force Inqlab is back with a renewed thirst for justice: local artists and DJs will come together at the Wagon & Horses pub in Digbeth, Birmingham on Saturday 10th October to raise funds for the ‘Justice for the North West 10’ campaign.

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Camp Ashraf Hunger Strikes 36 released, London - pictures.

07-10-2009 21:30

The Hunger Strikes end.
72 days after hunger strikes start around the world in protest at the attacks carried out by Iraqi security forces on Camp Ashraf, Iraq releases 36 Iranian pro-democracy prisoners it has been holding arbitrarily in extra-judicial detention.

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Mother Palestine: RESISTANCE! (by Latuff)

07-10-2009 17:22

Mother Palestine versus Netanyahu
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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More info on charter to deport former calias jungle residents

06-10-2009 10:27

Following the announcement of the Franco-British charter with Afghans

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franco-british "charter" to kabul: the odious show continues

05-10-2009 15:30

A Franco-britannique deportation "charter" is scheduled for October 6 flying to Kabul. While the humanitarian situation and security continue to deteriorate in Afghanistan, that there has more civilian casualties than ever, and NGOs such as the Secretary General of UN expressed particular concern about the situation, France and Great Britain are trying, as they did in November 2008 with a joint operation. Afghanistan is a country at war. It is unacceptable to refer those that have fled to seek protection in Europe.

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Israel Propaganda Machine (by Latuff)

05-10-2009 14:24

Israel Propaganda Machine
Copyleft artwork originally produced for Palestine Think Tank website:

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On abduction, and torture of the Filipino-American Melissa Roxas

05-10-2009 11:22

Melissa Roxas
Torture is torture. Torture is barbaric. Torture of anyone is human rights violation. Torture of an NPA commander, member, trainee or sympathizer is still a torture. Torture will not bring the truth. A person undergoing torture may admit to anything he or she being accused of.

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Day 68, Camp Ashraf Solidarity Hunger Strikes, London - pictures

04-10-2009 10:53

The residents of Camp Ashraf.
On day 68 of the solidarity hunger strike taking place outside the US embassy in London, campaigners and supporters gather together once again to call on the US Administration to take action to release 36 Camp Ashraf hostages being held by factional groups within the Iraqi security force.

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'Rethink Aghanistan' premiere

03-10-2009 00:35

Democracy Now! interviews Robert Greenwald as his urgent new documentary 'Rethink Aghanistan' premieres in New York.

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Iran - The War Dance

01-10-2009 13:51

On September 19, the Irish Times reported:

“Israel has rejected the call by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and open up its atomic sites to international inspection.” (Mark Weiss, ‘Israel spurns nuclear watchdog's call to open atomic sites to inspection,’ Irish Times, September 19, 2009;

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The Decapitation of Pakistan by its own Military!

30-09-2009 18:16

Pakistani military helped destroy Afghanistan, and they are now helping to destroy Pakistan. No Pakistani civilian I know, including myself, ever authorized the Pakistani military to destroy Afghanistan, or aid the United States in its own hegemonic plans on the Grand Chessboard. Do you know anyone? So from where did they get their mandate? I would rather have clean drinking water in my tap, damn it! What good are the bloody nukes when they become the raison d'être for our very destruction in this manner without ever firing a single missile at the drones that are killing our own peoples?

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Calibrating fear: The liquid bomb plot and the long war

28-09-2009 07:42

The conviction of Abdullah Ahmed Ali, 28, Tanvir Hussain, 28, and Assad Sarwar, 29, in relation to the liquid bomb plot has been seen as a major triumph for British police and intelligence efforts. Yet, despite this being the second re-trial, the prosecution was still only able to convict the three for conspiracy to murder, including their intent to bring down an airplane – but not to prove their capability to carry out the plot.

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Go Bananas @ Chiquita fruit CEOs, organisers of Honduran terrorist coup

26-09-2009 21:21

Contact details for Protest against Honduras embassies & CEOs responsible for organising the continuing terrorist coup, that was mainly done to stop a very basic minimal wage for the majority of Hondurans who live in dire poverty
Support UN calls for international intervention against Gorilletis the banana thieves

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Short Interview Soudabeh Heidari, Camp Ashraf Hunger Striker.

25-09-2009 12:10

"I am here to support the residents of Ashraf, the 3,500 Iranian's in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. On the 28th July, at the behest of the Iranian regime, Iraqi forces attacked the people. They are defenceless, unarmed people. After the horrific attacks, 11 people have been killed and 500 injured. 36 people have been arrested. I decided to join the hunger strikes."

Soudabeh Heidari, aged 19.

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Today your Freedom is being signed away

25-09-2009 01:10

Today at the UN, New York, States are signing a treaty which excludes core obligations and the right to development which will result in people becoming far more dependent on the State/Corporations and also result in discrimination against the poor. Many States are following these policies. However with these rights excluded it will be harder to discern the difference between terrorists and 'freedom fighters'. It is now known the rights to fight for.

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Metropolitan Police Service apologises for unlawful arrest

25-09-2009 01:04

Apology letter @ Southwark tube station
Four years after having unlawfully arrested an innocent attempting to take the tube, the Metropolitan Police Service eventually apologises, offers some compensation and promises that the officers involved will be made aware that the police had to agree to such an outcome.

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Camp Ashraf Day 59, US embassy, London - pictures

24-09-2009 17:16

Day 59.
On day 59 of the solidarity Hunger Strike taking place outside the US embassy in London by relatives of the residents of Camp Ashraf, Iraq: members of the Christian faith gather in London to issue statements of support.

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Lockerbie - now you see it, now you don't

24-09-2009 11:41

I started writing these comments about the reactions to Al Megreahis release to an article that has now been deleted. I've had two IM-UK articles hidden already but I don't want to self censor so I'll post them anyway, people who read hidden comments will see this.