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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Global Systematic Discrimination against the Poor

23-09-2009 18:20

States are due to sign a UN protocol which by its exclusion of core obligations will allow States to discriminate against the poor. This will give more credibility to those terrorists who claim to be fighting on behalf of the poor. The protocol by also excluding the empowerment rights to development et al will allow States to create a more dependent population unable to help themselves. Many States are already following such policies.

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Obama and Vietghanistan (by Latuff)

21-09-2009 08:37

Obama and Afghanistan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, originally produced for The Sovereign Newspaper, New York:

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Hatemongering in America—the Post-Carter Dilemma Versus Conservative Opposition

20-09-2009 23:27

The venom and vile the spews forth from America’s body politic is endemic of a people infected with fear and prejudice; but this learned hatred of a democratic agenda is not one based primarily on racism—yet hostility and resentment is very much its spirit. Rather this anima of animosity is one that seeks scapegoats for any instability felt or imagined of America’s middle and lower class realities, and all presumptions of a relatively naïve and misinformed society.

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Screws Party - Prison officers leader joins Socialist Party!!!!!

18-09-2009 23:58

Where is the left going? These guys aren't fluffy civil servants.

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Mother Palestine and Netanyacula (by Latuff)

18-09-2009 12:49

Right of Return
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Raytheon Rooftop 3 Court Update

17-09-2009 16:35

the rooftop camp
Elijah Smith 9 months on remand without trial

Elijah Smith, Tom Woodhead and Robert Alford appeared in Yate Magistrates Court today 17th September 2009. Exactly 9 months since they were arrested following the decommissioning of EDO in Brighton. The CPS are now attempting to run both the Raytheon Rooftop case and the EDO decommissioning as one big conspiracy case, although the defence team are appossed to this.

Today's court case wasn't particularly interesting as the defence have called a 'read through commital'. In our terms that means the defence is asking for a judge to read through the papers before the full court case on the grounds there is insufficient grounds to take the 3 through court because of lack of evidence.

The 3 accused protesters are next in court on the 8th of October at 9:45am keep up to date @

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Black-and-Tan methods used by Israeli soldiers in Bil'in

17-09-2009 14:09

In another of the increasing assaults on the people of Bilin village in Palestine, Israeli soldiers engaged on Tuesday night in yet another middle of the night raid during which villagers were assaulted, property was trashed and children terrorized in their beds.

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CSSGJ Open Seminar. Thursday 24th September @ 4pm

17-09-2009 12:24

"Barbarians at the gates - the historical construction of the 'universal terrorist'"
An open seminar presented by Matt Carr, author of 'The Infernal Machine: A History of Terrorism from the Assassination of Alexander II to al-Qaeda (New Press 2007)
followed by discussion

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Hands Off the People of Iran Meeting in Leeds

17-09-2009 11:58

In the last few months, Iranian society has been gripped by political crisis, sparked by the nakedly fraudulent outcome of its recent elections

We must consider serious questions such as what vehicle can the Iranian people use to positively overcome the theocratic regime which they live and die under. What is our station in any of this and what on earth can we do to prevent questioning of the state in Iran becoming a pretext to greater Imperialist intervention, further than the UN sponsored strangle hold it has on the people of Iran right now

This is an open invitation, please come along

Sachin Sharma
of the Steering Committee of Hands Off the People of Iran, Leeds

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Barclays cash machines sabotaged

16-09-2009 13:47

3 barclays cashpoints in Brighton were superglued last night

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International Financial Crisis and End of the Dollar Hegemony ...

16-09-2009 01:22

A regional alliance like ALBA, with its own currency for trade and financial transactions, constitutes doubtlessly another nail in the coffin of dollar hegemony.

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Venezuela: The Principle of Hope Against Global United States Military Bases

15-09-2009 01:56

Franz & Jutta explaining the Principle of Hope against Military Terrorism
Our clarion call is the New, a new logic, science, philosophy and wisdom, that is, the New per se. To create this we need no Manhattan project for arms of mass destruction: we only need to live the Truth 'praxically', to study reality theoretically, and to surpass the bourgeois, capitalist, world revolution with creative emancipation, with emancipatory creation.

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Al Quds March and Rally, London - pictures.

14-09-2009 15:04

United they stand.
At London's Marble Arch, around 1000 people including religious scholars, clerics and Rabbi's gather together to hold the annual Al Quds march and rally to present themselves alongside those oppressed around the world including those struggling with the ongoing Israeli blockade of Gaza.

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Charlie Sheen Challenges President Obama to Re-Open 9/11 Investigations

13-09-2009 22:30

Sheen wants Obama's ear
Eight years on and in the aftermath of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen's 9/11 challenge to President Barack Obama, journalists of the world's media conglomerates have been slow responders to follow the trail of evidence. Sheen posed numerous questions in a YouTube video directed at the President and claimed in a supporting document that the official 9/11 story was a cover-up that fitted an historical pattern of government scripted attacks as pretexts for war.

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When the "Big Lie" becomes the "Truth" - The Global Research Reader on 9/11

11-09-2009 20:11

Provided below is a selection of essential reading published by Global
Research in the course of the last few years.

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September 11 eight years on (by Latuff)

11-09-2009 16:23

September 11 eight years on
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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DSEi Arms Fair Exhibitor and SHAC Protests in Cambridge

10-09-2009 18:24

Protesters At Mott MacDonald
Arms trade and animal rights protests in Cambridge

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Camp Ashraf Hunger Strike press conference, London - pictures.

10-09-2009 09:21

Outside the embassy.
On the 44th day of the solidarity hunger strikes outside the US embassy in London's Mayfair district, Iranian campaigners hold a press conference to draw attention to the plight of the residents at Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

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Afghanistan's First Oil and Gas Licensing Round

09-09-2009 16:10

If evidence were ever needed as to the resilience of oil companies and their willingness to do business in some of world’s most hostile environments then surely it would be worth drawing on the story of Afghanistan.

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Catholic Workers Arrested at DSEi Arms Fair for Pouring Red Paint

09-09-2009 14:07

Wednesday 9th September 2009 DSEi (1) Arms Fair, ExCEL Centre, Docklands, London.
London Catholic Workers Katrina Alton and Martin Newell poured red paint on to a sign advertising the DSEi Arms Fair [this morning at 8.30am]. The red paint represents the blood of the victims of the arms fair, on [the walkway which is the main pedestrian entrance to the arms fair by Custom House DLR station].