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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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Bradley Manning back in court today. Banner drop in Wrexham, Wales

25-06-2012 12:15

Bradley Manning, accused WikiLeaks whistleblower, is back at Fort Meade, Maryland, USA today for another pretrial 'motions' hearing. He has now been incarcerated for 25 months in circumstances that make a fair trial impossible. Solidarity actions are taking place around the world today. In Wrexham, banners were put up over the main A483 by-pass this morning.

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CIA Arming Syrian Insurgents

24-06-2012 13:58

On June 21, The New York Times headlined "CIA Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition," saying: Operating covertly from southern Turkey, CIA operatives are "decid(ing) which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers." Weapons supplied include "automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition, (and) antitank weapons...." They're smuggled across Turkey's border through "a shadowy network of intermediaries...." They're also entering through Lebanon.

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"Solidarity with Julian Assange" Vigils Briz DFA & Ecuadoran Embassy London

24-06-2012 02:43

PHOTOS from ongoing "Solidarity with Julian Assange" vigil outside of Ecuadoran Embassy in London
REPORT from ongoing "Solidarity with Julian Assange" vigil outside of Ecuadoran Embassy in London

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The Fascist hub of Northern Europe, version I.

22-06-2012 22:57

Euro Helle
Believe it or not, the Scandinavian country Denmark is, more or less, the fascist hub of Northern Europe, down to, among other things, its close connection to the US hegemony world imperialist domination etc.

And especially: the intimate cooperation between the Danish intelligence services, and the US espionage organisation, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Denmark is because of its “anti-terrorist” legislation and the politically almost uncontrolled intelligence services no less than a fascist state, put together with the police that can arrest citizens at there random discretion.

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Cardiff: Extradition - Film Screening

22-06-2012 19:04

Wales premiere of "Extradition", a powerful new documentary film. The event will include a Q & A with Hamja Ahsan (Talhas Brother) reading Talha's new collection of prison poetry.

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Decision (not now) expected any time on Assange asylum application

22-06-2012 16:55

supporter outside the Ecuador Embassy, London
Reports from supporters outside the Ecuador Embassy in London are that a decision is expected any time on Julian Assange's asylum application.

Update 6.30pm: no decision now expected today.

Supporters welcome at ongoing vigil outside the embassy.

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More photos from Wales-Israel match protest

21-06-2012 12:49

Here are a few more photos from yesterday.

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Report and Photos from protest at Wales-Israel match in Wrexham

21-06-2012 11:29

How would you feel if your town was cut in half by an 8 metre high wall?

Yesterday evening, pro-Palestine activists from the local area and across the country including south Wales, north west Wales, Liverpool, Chester, Manchester and London demonstrated inside and outside the Wrexham Racecourse football ground. The action was called in protest at Israel's participation in international competitions while the Palestinian team is prevented from taking part, while Palestinian footballers including Mahmoud al Sarsak remain imprisoned without charge or trial, and while Israel continues to maintain its Apartheid regime.

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Wales-Israel football match in Wrexham - Palestinian fans ejected

20-06-2012 21:39

Ejected simply for not following the dress code (no Palestinian shirts)
30-40 people turned up in Wrexham this evening to protest Israel's involvement in the European football Championships, in this case the women's competition. First off, here are some photos of fans ejected from the ground during the course of the evening for making their support for Palestine known in various (in some cases very discreet) ways.

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Rally for Julian Assange taking place now at Ecuador Embassy, London

20-06-2012 13:06

photo from recent solidarity vigil at the Supreme Court
People are gathering at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London now in solidarity with Julian Assange who took refuge there yesterday and is seeking political asylum in Ecuador.

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One week, Two actions: Vigil For Bradley Manning & Rally for Julian Assange

17-06-2012 20:05

Vigil for Bradley Manning at US Embassy
Mon 25 June, 3pm: Vigil for Bradley Manning at US Embassy.
Thu 28 June, 3pm: Rally for Julian Assange at Swedish Embassy.

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Faslane Peace Campers Trespass at Coulport Nuclear Weapons Depot

15-06-2012 19:53

explosives handling jetty coulport
Two Peace Campers entered the the Explosives Handling Jetty area at RNAD Coulport in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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Supreme Court rejects application to reopen Julian Assange's extradition appeal

14-06-2012 20:46

The UK Supreme Court today rejected the application to reopen Julian Assange's extradition appeal.

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Banner drops for Bradley Manning in Liverpool

14-06-2012 20:33

outside John Moores Uni
I had a couple of hours to kill in Liverpool this afternoon, and two big banners in my rucksack...

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Magna Carta Anniversary Marked with Death of Habeas Corpus Rights for Guantánamo

14-06-2012 17:13

Credit: London Guantánamo Campaign
Magna Carta Anniversary Marked with Death of Habeas Corpus Rights for Guantánamo Bay Prisoners
- London Guantánamo Campaign, 14 June 2012

The London Guantánamo Campaign [1] regrets the decision of the American Supreme Court, on 11 June, to reject petitions from 7 Guantánamo Bay prisoners [2], held without charge or trial for over a decade, to challenge the basis of their detention. This comes in the same week as the 797th anniversary of the Magna Carta, on Friday 15 June, conferring the rights to a fair trial and habeas corpus [3], among others, for almost the past eight centuries. The court gave no reason for its decision to overturn this basic right it had earlier upheld.

The London Guantánamo Campaign will mark International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, on 26 June, with a vigil in Trafalgar Square at 6-8pm:

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20 June: Protest the Israeli Women's Football Team in Wrexham, Wales

14-06-2012 05:10

Palestine Solidarity Campaign is organising a protest picket of the Israel – Wales Women's European Championship qualifying match in Wrexham on Wednesday 20 June 2012 – Outside the main entrance of Wrexham Stadium, near Wrexham General Station. 5 - 6.30pm.

This is an opportunity to raise awareness of the Apartheid nature of the Israeli State and the need for a sporting boycott of teams that act as virtual ambassadors for Israel.

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4 July: Annual 'Independence FROM America' demonstration at Menwith Hill

13-06-2012 11:51

Flyer front

IMPORTANT DEMONSTRATION. Wed 4 July, 4pm–9pm Outside the main entrance to the American base at NSA Menwith Hill, near Harrogate North Yorkshire HG3 2RF

Join us for this annual demonstration for 'Independence FROM America'. Menwith Hill is an extremely important US base – occupied and controlled by the NSA, USAF and other Agencies. It is unaccountable, secretive and out of control of the UK government. It has many deeply concerning roles.

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BRISBANE Australian Prime Minister confronted with Betrayal ofJulian Assange

13-06-2012 09:46

Prime Minister confronted with Betrayal of Julian Assange to U.S. War Machine
As Prime Minister Julia Gillard arrived at the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane Tuesday night to deliver a speech at the opening dinner of the Economic Forum, she was confronted by Catholic Workers and other anti-war activists over her betrayal of Australian born citizen Julian Assange to the U.S. war machine.

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Themis Rendered After Tipping the Scales for Manning & Assange

11-06-2012 03:16

J6 BRISBANE SOLIDARITY WITH BRADLEY MANNING - Themis Rendered After Tipping the Scales for Manning & Assange, Demanding Obama be Put on Trial for Torture & Assassination
by Ciaron O'Reilly, presently Brisbane, Australia
"Bradley Manning Remains in Chains for Us, We Remain on the Loose for Him!"

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Drone Conference in Bath Defeated

10-06-2012 16:13

Before the main protests had even begun, Bath Stop The Drones campaign gets to make a sigh of relief after Clarion Events and their international drones conference backs down.