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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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another anarchist murdered by cops in Athens, Greece

10-03-2010 18:57

At 5am cops opened fire on 2 people in dafni, a suburb of Athens.
1, an anarchist known to various groups, lies dead. The other is free.
Apparently the relevant government ministry and cops have released information and his photo asking for information...

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Quo Vadis, Africa? Some Reflections about a truncated Future

09-03-2010 02:24

Also in Venezuela, also in Africa, a class conscious proletariat will have the final word with reference to the experiment Man, of experimentum mundi. The alternative would be eternal, global, capitalist, fascist barbarism, the continuation of the old, of the obsolete, of decay.

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Brown@Iraq.Inquiry – Pix-&-Vidz – Fri 05 Mar 10

08-03-2010 08:31

A1. Pointing the Way to the Peaceful Future
Dateline: Iraq Inquiry, Little Sanctuary, Westminster, London, UK, 10:00-11:00, Fri 05 Mar 10 – A handful of protesters remained after the 08:30 start, all present to protest against UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown: the Chancellor who bankrolled the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of our sisters and brothers in Iraq.

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Russell Tribunal Palestine

06-03-2010 11:15

Russell Tribunal on Palestina, Barcelona
The recent war waged by the Israeli government and the Israeli army on the Gaza strip, already under a blockade, underlines the particular responsibility of the United States and of the European Union in the perpetuation of the injustice done to the Palestinian people, deprived of its fundamental rights. It is important to mobilize the international public opinion so that the United Nations and Member States adopt the necessary measures to end the impunity of the Israeli State, and to reach a just and durable solution to this conflict.

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EDL/UAF London 5th March 2010 - disinformation and what actually happened

05-03-2010 18:47

UAF continually created disinfo about this demonstration. why?

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The Kray twins in Parliament Square.

05-03-2010 17:25

"We were fucking untouchable"
In what must be the prime site in the UK, outside the British Parliament building, under the bell of Westminster clock-tower, now sits a stencil of infamous crime syndicate twosome, Ronald and Reginald Kray...aka The Kray Twins.

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Lance Corporal Joe Glenton jailed for 9 months

05-03-2010 16:39

On the same day that Gordon Brown -- whose war polices have killed thousands -- insisted that the illegal Iraq war was the "right" thing to do, Lance Corporal Joe Glenton was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for refusing to return to Afghanistan to fight a war he believed to be unjustified and a sensless loss of life for Afghans and Iraqis alike.
By Peter Walker
5 March 2010

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Drop the charges against L/C Joe Glenton. MOD, London - Pictures

04-03-2010 19:54

The day before Lance Corporal Joe Glenton of the Royal Logistic Corp appears before a military court to be sentenced for speaking out against the legitimacy of the continuing occupation of Afghanistan...

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There's money in terror! Counter Terror Expo

03-03-2010 16:18

Something I came across that might be of interest is how the pirvate sector are cashing in on our fear...

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§278a: Trial Against Animal Rights Activists in Austria -- Solidarity Worldwide

02-03-2010 09:31

Smash § 278ff
On May 21, 2008 the repression against animal rights activists reached a new high: numerous raids, 10 arrests and three and a half months of pre-trial detention. There were numerous solidarity actions, yet the investigations into the activists continued. Starting on March 2, 2010 thirteen activists will stand trial in Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria. They are charged with Forming/Being Members of a Criminal Organisation according to §278a of the Austrian Penal Code. Thereby they all face 6 months to 5 years jail time.

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2009 Toll of Nato Air Strikes: 131 Dead Children

28-02-2010 17:04

Nato Air Strikes, 131 Dead Children
After an air strike that killed many kids in the beginning of 2010, shouts of ‘Death to America’ and to ‘the Afghan government’ could be heard throughout Afghan villages and perhaps in other Muslim communities around the world. Those local, regional and global anti-American, anti-NATO, and anti-Afghan government sentiments will only be more widespread and vicious now that a UN report found that some 346 children were killed in Afghanistan in 2009. 131 of those kids were killed in NATO air strikes. 22 more were killed in nighttime raids. And in the last few weeks alone, up to 50 civilians have been murdered. In essence, there have been more and more civilian casualties as the US/NATO forces attempt to ‘liberate’ the Afghan people. More are likely to come as well.

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The Nazi Occupation of Darnall (Cop Alert)

28-02-2010 16:39

Darnall has been the scene of several police roadblocks recently, aimed at motorists. Read how they're currently waiting on Prince of Wales Road...

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STOP ! Islamic regim's Terrorism and Interpol's collaboration

28-02-2010 11:21

A campaign in solidarity with the Iranian opposition and appealing the Interpol

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Detained for speaking out

26-02-2010 09:53

Two people, including a MULE editor, were detained by anti-terror police at Heathrow Airport on January 6 after they raised objections to a deportation taking place on their flight.

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Andi Ali's book on the BNP Dead Paki Walking: A study of the BNP

25-02-2010 17:46


During his investigations into the British National Party (BNP), academic researcher Andi Ali has come face-to-face with the brutal reality of racism in the UK. Threatened as a 'Dead Paki Walking' Ali has been beaten, stabbed and even abducted, and is included on the Neo-Nazi Redwatch hit-list. Ali s academic research in to the BNP has made him powerful enemies who have warned him to stop his activities. When he refused he was viciously assaulted outside Downing Street and left for dead. In Dead Paki Walking, Ali explains how his investigations started and of the means members of the far-right have taken to smear his name in order to stop his activities. As an autobiography, Dead Paki Walking is written in the first person and reads like a dark and sinister political thriller. The frightening fact is that the BNP are attracting an increasing number of supporters. If nothing else, Andi's book epitomizes the maxim 'know thine enemy'. This disturbing autobiography is a tale of one man's battle against racial intolerance, which Ali has fought everyday to uphold the liberal values in which he believes.

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Faslane Free Cafe

25-02-2010 14:46

Every first Saturday of the month we'll be holding a noise demo at the base.


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Afghanistan: Has the war been lost there and at home?

24-02-2010 12:33

Cambridge Stop the War Coalition are holding a public meeting and AGM on Tuesday 2nd March at 7.30 pm in Bramwell Lounge, Cambridge University Sports and Social Club, Mill Lane, Cambridge.

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Turkish military plot linked to USA

24-02-2010 12:08

A SINISTER military conspiracy, probably covertly backed by the USA, is being confronted by the Turkish government.

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The Iran Threat: more of the same

23-02-2010 19:19

The pressure is cranking up on Iran. During her recent tour of the Middle East, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton declared that Iran is "moving toward a military dictatorship", because the civilian government is being "supplanted" by the Revolutionary Guard, which "poses a very direct threat to everyone." She added: "We don't want to be engaging while they're building a bomb." About a week earlier US National Security Adviser Jim Jones described the Iran nuclear issue as the "top global security threat."