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UK Terror War Newswire Archive

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British terror victim in Israel - A mother's journey

10-07-2004 19:52

A film on ITV on Sunday about the murder of Yoni Jesner in a suicide bombing, gives some hope to the future for the people of the Middle East.

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Hunger strike demanding the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters

07-07-2004 18:01

In Stockholm, on the 4th of July at 8.00 am two Swedish solidarity activists, Mr Tomas Widén and Mr Toni Lappalainen, began a hunger strike demanding the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who are imprisoned in the United States for life.
The hunger strike is a way of emphasizing the demand that the five political prisoners held by the US: Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González, should immediately be set free. This action is also a protest against the US’s plans for actions of war towards Cuba and Venezuela.

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The spies/terrorists who stole my name

04-07-2004 11:46

Israeli stole the name of a New Zealander to get a passport. The headline in the newspaper is "The spies who stole my name " why not " The Terrorists who stole my name"?

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Women and the antiterrorist law

30-06-2004 15:24

Arrest and jail conditions of women detained under antiterrorist laws in the Spanish state

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Masters of Terror

29-06-2004 23:08

"Masters of Terror" is available on the Internet Archive as part of this pathbreaking video documentary collection!

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The World Must Not Support State-sponsored Terror!

28-06-2004 15:20

As Israel continues its genocide against the Palestinian people, we must remember the greatest weapon the world has to stopping it is economics.

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Amnesty Says War on Terror increases Middle East repression

22-06-2004 12:35

They were going to "democratise the Middle East"; the war on terror, extended to Iraq, would "transform Iraq into a functioning democratic state that will inspire change in neighboring societies" . As Bush put it, "Iraqi democracy will succeed, and that success will set forth the news from Damascus to Tehran that freedom can be the future of every nation".

Well, instead of Jeffersonian revolution, the Middle East is now suffering counter-revolutionary terror and repression, and it's all thanks to the "war on terror" according to Amnesty International...

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Philippines 2003: how 300 troops mutiny unmasked "war on terror"

18-06-2004 16:09

[As you may notice, I’ve cut part of the article because the question of peace talks between the left party RPMP-RPA-ABB and the Government has nothing to do with gangster GUAC. It's better to avoid any confusion. ;-)Felix Zorba, October 7, 2003]

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On Terrorism and the State

08-06-2004 13:10

25 years after its publication, Gianfranco Sanguinetti's "On Terrorism and the State" is finally available on-line

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The New War on "Terror"

02-06-2004 17:00

The Bush administration sent a calculated message to grassroots
political activists this week: The War on Terrorism has come home.

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Anti-terror search receipts needed from London activists ASAP!!

30-05-2004 07:11

Activist at DSEi 2003 gets searched on his way home.
On 12-13 July, Liberty will be in the high court with a judicial review appeal of the police use of anti-terror searches at DSEI. Were you or your friends searched in London by police during/before the week of September 6th-12 "DSEI week"? Liberty needs your search receipts ASAP for the second stage of a High Court legal battle against the Metropolitan Police.

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The US nuclear option and the "War on Terrorism"

17-05-2004 13:06

he Bush Administration has embarked upon a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity.

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G8: Global fascist terror state will become law!

12-05-2004 19:37

the G8 has some recommendations: globalize the Patriot ACT!!!

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How to secure privacy in a post-9-11 world of anti-terrorist hysteria

07-05-2004 15:42

In a world of post-9-11 anti-terrorist hysteria it is more important than ever before to secure our privacy.

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Terrorised Into Being Consumers

04-05-2004 14:46

Camcorder Guerillas presents

A film by Erik Gandini
Duration: 52 minutes
10th May, 8.30pm, Mono, Glasgow

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Are we about to witness a new 'terrorist outrage'

30-04-2004 21:10

the torture of Iraqis

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operation magpie...the fake terror drill

28-04-2004 10:58

operation magpie is a decontamination exercise happening in newcastle today...
28th April, 2004

what they aren't telling you.

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London "terror den" faces demolition

21-04-2004 15:31

Meet 3.30pm outside the Wallace Collection , Manchester Square Gardens W1 [Northern end of Duke Street].

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Middle East confusion for terrorists

15-04-2004 19:40

Hizbullah, Lebanon's militant Shia party, has taken the opportunity provided by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's assassination to reassert its role as an anti-Israeli resistance organisation.